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I've been trying Proactiv (which contains 2.5% bp in oil-free lotion form), but contrary to what most people experience with bp, my face and other affected areas become extremely oily. Can anybody explain this? Furthermore, I have not seen any dramatic changes, which leaves me feeling dissapointed that maybe bp is not the answer for me.

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Your oily skin might be the effect of oil compensation. Because your cleanser might be stripping the natural oils from your skin, and thus making it dry, your skin counters this stripping by producing more oil.

Some people alleviate this problem by applying moisturizer to their face, which might seems counter intuitive. Most people will suggest you try Jojoba oil. This is due to the fact that it most chemically resembles the sebum produced in the dermal layers of your skin, and in turn, "trick" your skin into believing that it's properly lubricated.

How long have you been usuing Proactiv? I am on the proactiv system (slowly trying to come off of it and switching to a cheaper alternative) and it took me about 1 month to see results, and 6 months to see full results. The cleanser can be too harsh for very broken out skin, so I suggest usuing their sensitive line that contains SA and no exfoliating beads.

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Thanks for you reply. Your suggestion of adding moisturizer (despite it being counter intuitive) helped. Thank you!

I've been on it barely 3 weeks almost a month. We'll see if it works. Best of luck for you!!!

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