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hello, everyone!

how are you all doing? i'm new to the board (as per the topic title) and i thought i'd divulge a nice thought i had while looking through your posts.

it's no secret that a lot of us feel as though our condition is some sort of punishment, or that likewise we feel such anger or envy in other peoples' skin that it actually prompts these vengeful "i wish acne on him/her!" thoughts. now, it's not my place here to tell people what to think, but i do believe that a lot of us are missing the bigger picture, here. some people want more balance but i think the world is perfectly balanced as it is, as a whole. our american culture is so self-indulgent that i think we sometimes fail to see that the universe extends beyond our own line of sight, and while this isn't anything "revolutionary" it certainly doesn't hurt to remind ourselves every so often.

i know that all of this is good and well, and lot of people are probably thinking, "but i already suffer so much. it's difficult to be optimistic and think rationally when life has dealt me such a bad hand." everyone here knows where you're coming from, especially this preachy poster (who, as an 18 year old cystic sufferer, has had his fair share of witch-doctoresque treatments over the years.) we all know what it's like to suffer through life on a daily basis with a black cloud constantly hovering over us - but i digress.

the original point of this post was to show that if you consider all the beauty in the world then you automatically become a more beautiful person, regardles of what others think. my man d.h. lawrence said that those who seek for love never find it, while those who are natural lovers never have to. this couldn't be more true.

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