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Ok, first off, here’s a history of my struggle with acne. I first started to get bad pimples, those cysts, at about 12 or so. They were mainly located around my hairline, so they were pretty hard to see. I started wiping my face with those oxy pads, and also using a moisturizer. Over time, the pimples at my hairline went away, but instead I started getting them in my face. I was about 13.

At first the pimples on my face were small, and I just washed my face with a face wash, or sometimes used a toner. I left out the moisturizer because my face was getting really oily. Then, around the time I was 13 and a half, my face started to explode. I got really, really bad cystic pimples around my forehead and cheeks. They were really painful and red…I just looked horrible. I also got some breakouts in my chest. And although my acne was so bad at the time, I was only using a face wash (The Neutrogena Oil Free Face Wash), and no moisturizer. I tried using BP, and it kind of worked, but I gave it up after awhile, for some reason that I can’t remember. I guess I just got lazy. Anyway, as I mentioned before, I didn’t use a moisturizer, but instead I was scrubbing my face and over washing it, and my skin became dry as hell. When I look back now, all this kind of messed up my skin, since now it’s all blotchy and uneven. Anyway, this “bad acne� period, the peak of my breakouts, lasted a little more than 6 months, and then my skin started to get a little better. The acne on my face was reduced and the acne on my chest was gone. I have no clue why my face got better, since I did nothing new…

Well, I was about 14 or so when my breakouts started getting better, although I still had pimples. And from that time to now, my face has been ok. I still break out, sometimes I have no pimples and sometimes I still get those big cysts. Right now I’m a few months away from turning 16. My face is definitely better than it was when I was 13, but in the last month or so my back has also started to break out, not as badly as my face, but still I got a fair amount of zits there. It was soooo frustrating!!! I was thinking that my acne was getting better, and then, of course, my back starts to break out. Ugh!!! My mom joked that my zits won’t give up until they’ve taken over my entire body.

Anyway, because my back started to break out, I started to do some research, and found this place. I’ve decided to take up The Regimen. I’m planning to use that on my face to get it completely clear, and keep it that way. I wont be using The Regimen on my back everyday, but instead every other day or so. I’ll also swipe my back with astringent with 0.5 % Salicylic Acid twice a day. I started that about a week ago, and it’s worked.

On Saturday, I went and bought a Cetaphil face wash, Oxy 2.5 % BP, and some Aloe Vera as moisturizer. I would’ve bought a real moisturizer, except that I’ve found they all break me out, and also that I’ve heard aloe has healing properties. I really do hope that the aloe will undo at least some of the damage my acne has caused. I also bought a scrub by St.Ives. It’s a medicated apricot scrub for acne prone skin. I know scrubs can be hard on your skin and might cause even more breakouts, but my skin really needs some exfoliation once in awhile. And I also have a great deep cleansing clay mask by Olay, and I’ll be using that once in awhile too.

I started The Regimen 2 days ago. Yesterday was day 1. My skin wasn’t dry at all from the BP, probably because my face is so used to drying stuff. I also started using the aloe vera, which is nice and moisturizing. The Cetaphil feels nice, it’s a little weird in texture, but its definitely gentle. I also used the scrub, which was probably a mistake, since I had a few zits on my forehead, and now they’re even bigger. In the future, I’ll only use the scrub when my face is clear. In general, so far so good…my face has two or three cysts and some small pimples. And also, my back is pretty clear, with only some small bumps.

Anyway, that was yesterday and today is day 2, and my face had gotten worse. The zits on my forehead have gotten even worse. There are 3 of them now, those big red painful ones with white heads. They’re huge!!! I also have few smaller zits on my forehead. There are also 2 things on my chin that seem like pimples that are coming up, and I’m trying to prevent that. And my face feels really clogged up, probably from all the products I’m using. I hope it’s all normal. Well, to sum it up, my face feel pretty gross right now. Maybe I’m using the wrong products? Maybe the Cetaphil is too gentle to cleanse thoroughly? Or maybe my face just needs some more time?

My plan is that on the days I don’t go out or don’t have school, I’ll be following The Regimen exactly as directed. But on the days that I have school or am going out, I’ll only wash my face in the morning (no BP and no moisturizer), and then put on my make up. And then when I come back home, I’ll wash off the makeup, and then put on BP and moisturizer. And of course, I’ll do The Regimen thing every night.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, in hopes that The Regimen really works. Oh yeah, I’m also taking vitamin E everyday, since I have it on hand and because some people are saying it works.

Oh crap, this was a long post… eusa_angel.gif

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And now, I've also got a cluster of big red pimples on my back. sad.gifcry.gifmad.gif I really think I should also start using the regimen on my back.

Today is day 3 of the regimen, and my face seems ok. The 3 big zits on my face are going down, they're definently much better than yesterday. My face did sting a lot yesterday in the shower when it got wet, and it also stung a little today when I washed my face. Someone here suggested that I might be using too much BP, which is probably true. This is day 3 and I'm already halfway through my little oxy bottle. I'm also gonna get a new face wash, as I think the cetaphil isn't cleaning my face well enough, and it doesnt remove make up as well as the other face washes I've used. So, I'll just buy a new one and use it in conjunction with the cetaphil. And I'm also thinking about buying some baking soda, and use it to exfoliate.

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Today is my 4th day, and my face is still ok. Those giant cysts are going away, which is a good thing, though I know they'll definently leave red marks behind. I'm using the Cetaphil, and I'm suspecting that it might not be completely cleaning my skin, as it kinds leaves my face feeling a little "waxy", even if I rinse it. Anyway, I'm getting a new face wash anyway, and some baking soda. I'll still be using Cetaphil from time to time though, since it's pretty gentle.

I've decided to change to Regimen a little, and only use BP on all of the affected areas once a day, at night. And then I will spot treat my face with BP during the day. The reason being, is that my face is getting a little too dry. I'll be doing this for awhile, I guess, but might change it later as my skin gets used to the BP. This is pretty weird though, because I've used BP in the past, even without any moisturizer, and still not get dry, irritated skin. I guess things have changed...

The pimples on my bakc are getting better. This is so annoying, I get these giant zits on my back, they slowly go away, my back is fairly clear for a few days and I'm thinking all is fine, and then I break out with giant monster zits. My back is getting more and more brownish spots left after the pimples.The one on my chest is getting a little better. And as I said before, the ones on my forehead are healing, and the two on my jaw never really turned into cysts, but instead became small pimples, and now they're going away too. I feel like I have some small pimples forming on my upper forehead, around my hairline, and also one medium pimple on the side on my head, also on the hairline beside my eye. I hope these will go away soon and not turn into real pimples.

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Well I finally got a new face wash last night, its the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, in the cream form. I've actually tried it in all 3 forms now, the gel, foam, and cream, and I gotta say the cream one would be the best. It's like a really thick white gel, thats a little slippery. Anyway, my skin finally feel clean.

I also tried exfoliating with baking soda. I think I might have scrubbed too hard or my skin was just too overwashed, because my skin felt a little irritated and dry afterwards. But it was still nice.

Today is day 5. All of my pimples on my face are going away nicely. I've noticed this cycle where I get bad breakouts for awhile followed by a time where my skin in completely clear. And also, the big pimples on my back went away yesterday, and the one on my chest is going away.

In the past few days, since starting the regimen, my skin has felt really really dry, which is weird since I have really oily skin that usually doesnt dry out. Anyway, I think I might have gotten too exited with the new Regimen and overwashed my face and over used BP and stuff. I've also started using tons of different new products, so that might be a cause too. From now one, I'm just gonna slow it down and take it easy.


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Good luck with ur regimen . Hope it works for u. I tried the regimen with bp for a while and it didnt work,so my derm prescribed accutane now, but still havent started using it. rolleyes.gif

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Ok, I thought I might as well take some pics to take better track of how things are going. I'm just gonna concentrate on my forehead since thats where my acne is the worst. Right now, it's clearing up, thought it's full of reddish dots from past pimples. Those giant cysts I was talking about are basically gone now, though as you can see in the pics, they're leaving behind giant red spots. Oh well...I hope they'll fade soon, especially with the aloe vera I'm using. Oh yeah, and as you can see, my skin is really really uneven... cry.gif



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Today is day 6. Well, my skin's feeling fine today. The ones on my back and chest are basically completely healed, and my face is basically clear with the exeption of like one or two smallish pimples. So today's pretty good. I've noticed that my skin has been really dry, even if I dont use BP, and thats why I've decided to only use Bp during nights. I even find the aloe vera drying now, thought I still like it.

Here's a list of products I'm using right now:

Face washes

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, cream cleanser- I've really come to love this cleanser. It's soooo nice, definently one of my favourites. It cleans really well yet isnt too drying. And I like the texture and smell too.

Cetaphil- I gotta admit that I'm a little dissapointed in this product. When I was reading reviews on thi stuff, it seemed to wonderful and gentle. Sure its gentle, but I feel like it's too gentle and doesnt clean my skin well enough. I'm still gonna use this occasionally since it's so gentle, and also mix some baking soda into it and make it into a scrub


St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub- This one is definently really harsh, and it smells funny and stings my face. But it does leave my skin soft and smooth, as do all scrubs. I'll use it occasionally on my face, very gently, and also on y back.

Baking Soda- This is more gentle, and cheap too. I'll be using this really often on my face and body. It also stings/burns a little when I use it, but it's probably because my skin is a little dry/irritated right now.

Acne Cream/Treatment

Oxy BP for sensitive skin- I like this BP. It's 2.5% and a light white lotion. It's not too thick, doesnt dry my skin too much, and works. I can always count on PB the make my pimples better. The only downside is that it comes in a little bottle.

Thuysday Plantation Tea Tree Oil- I only use this occasionally, but it does work. Even though its 100% oil, it actually kinda dries up your skin a little, and then heals the pimple. This stuff is antibacterial, so sometimes I apply it into "open" pimples, or pimples that I have popped. The only drawback is that I've heard this stuff maked your red marks stay on your skin for longer, though I'm not really sure if it's true or not. The smell of this is pretty unique and nice to me, and you can also add it into your face wash, though I've never tried it before.

Face Lotions

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera- This kinda dries my skin, but I'm still using it because it makes it less oily and I'm hoping that it'll get rid of the red spots.

Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment- I use this after the aloe vera as a moisturizer. Even tought this stuff contains 2% SA, it still moisturizes nicely. Plus, it's supposed to make skin texture better and get rid of red spots.

Face Mask

Olay Deep Cleansing Clay Mask- I think this is a great mask. Even tough its not made for acne prone skin, it still works grat for me. It gets rid of all the oil in your face, and you can feel the mak drying on your face and getting tighter. After I wash it off, my skin just feels so soft.

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Today's day 7, I've been on the regimen for a week now. My skin is doing good today, I only have a couple of small pimples. My skin tends to go through these cycles where my face is clear for awhile and then starts to break out bad, and then clears up again, and then breaks out again. Well, I’ve just been though that break out phase, and now my skin is clear. I’m not sure whether it’s clear because of the regimen, or because of that cycle thingy. From now on, I’m gonna start rating my skin from 1 to 5, and do a pimple count everyday.

1= completely clear skin

2 = clear skin with only a couple of small pimples

3 = ok skin

4 = bad skin with lots of pimples

5 = horrible skin

I would say today is a 2. Pimple count, 5 very tiny zits.

Today I also got a new cleansing cream. I didn’t read the label when I bought it, and when I got home it tuned out to contain mineral oil, which is supposedly bad for your skin. I tried it once and it did clean my skin, however my face felt a little greasy afterwards. So, I won’t be using that on my face again. I’ll probably use it on my hands or something, where I don’t break out.

I also did the steam facial thingy today, it felt nice. Another thing I’m noticing that my face is becoming really dry. Before, if I were to wash my face normally, I wouldn’t feel like my face was dry and I didn’t need a moisturizer. But now, my face is really fry after washing, and I have to moisturize. I’m guessing this is because of the regimen.

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Day 8, I would say my face is like a 3 right now, and pimple count is 4 medium sized pimples.

The biggest one is beside my mouth, this is the first time I've had a pimple in that area. It seems like since starting the regimen, I've broken out a little in places that I usually dont break out in. I have one medium pimple beside my eyebrow, a similar one on the left side of my head, and a smaller one on my forehead. I also have some small bumps on my forehead and other palces, but you cant really call them pimples.

My back and chest are also clear, though my back also has these small bumps, I would call these unevenness instead of pimples.

And my skin is still pretty dry after washing, so I have to moisturize. But is no longer stings when I wash it. I've cut down on the BP.

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