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going to a friend's cottage

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hey guys... i don't really know where else to post this, but i was just looking for some advice/opinions.

i'm going up to a friend's cottage for three days next weekend, and since there's eight of us going, it's not going to be the cleanest weekend! i'm doubting the chances for showers, and proper face washing, so i was looking for tips on how to not look like a bag of crap at a cottage! eusa_think.gif

i have the type of hair that gets dirty after not washing it for one day, so i can't figure out how i'm going to look decent while there.. anyone know a trick on how to deal with that? i'm also freaked that i'm not going to get to wash my face properly... dammit.

any advice would rock! thanks guys.

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Guest OrangeFlower

theres no chance for showers?

you can at least bathe somewhat

just get a bucket of water and some shampoo or use a hose

you absolutely need to wash your face!


you're not going to be stuck without water..

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Yeah I agree with what OrangeFlower said. to wash your face, get a bucket of water from the faucet or a hose. or just splash your face in the water from a sink.. you dont necessarily need a bucket lol. even if you dont get to wash your face twice a day for those 3 days, its not the end of the world. have fun smile.gif

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