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No products...just diet and wash the face

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Hi All,

I've been thinking and reading a few posts about NOT, that's right not using any products on my face (active acne area). I would only wash my face with warm water in the morning and in the evening I'd use a gentle cleanser with warm water to clear away any dirty from the day. That's it nothing else. I would like to get your opinion on this and for anyone who has tried this in the past, please share your results (state your age, was your skin oily, what was your acne like etc). I have read of a few people doing this and seeing amazing results.

I'm 29 and have tried everything known and the only time I have had great skin was when I did less to it...washed, a little BP on active/danger areas and that's it(done morning and night). When doing this, the areas I wasn't applying the BP were clear all the time, only the areas I applied the BP would have new pimples form....hmmmm....interesting?!?! Another 2 reason's for considering this regime is I never apply products to my forehead and that's the only area I never get acne! And finally, all of the people I have known to have acne...now don't....what do they do different from us? Don't use products!

I know you all would be thinking the same as me...it's a big risk to take, only washing and no products, but is it not the same as trying every new product and medication that is available?

I hope to heard all your opinions and/or results from the above method.



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Yea I agree, when I used a lot of products my skin looks worse. It's hard for me to eat well being a ocllege student, but when i do eat well I notice I'll be less oily by the end of the day. The bp dries my skin and makes it red and then i end up getting a breakout. Now I just wash my face with a gentle face wash, i used clean and clear toner cause I wear makeup, and I spot treat with bye bye blemish.

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I don't think it's that big a risk, for most people at least. For me when I started the no product regime I had bad facial acne and I figured it can only get better. Anyways in 2 days my forehead was clearing up like nobodies business. (I also drink 10 glasses of water a day.) My forehead is 99% clear, and almost no red marks. I have one small under the surface pimple which isn't coming up and is healing itself and is almost gone. My biggest problem areas are right under my nose and chin area. I got a semi-bad breakout on my chin from rubbing my workglove into it. With just water and soap every night it's coming along nicely. Started to breakout three days ago, now they are all dead and waiting to heal themselves. I predict another 3 days and it will be clear again.

I'm pist cuz my face is nasty again (still WAY better than it's been in the last 4 years) BUT, I had a period of two weeks with almost perfect skin, one whitehead on my cheek only.

The other reason why my chin got bad is cuz im a picker...yes I admit it BUT, it's healing so fast so at least I have a way out.

Daz you might wanna try no products on a specific area (like a place that always get's breakouts in the same exact spot)

For me it was under my nose and with my latest breakout I got NOTHING by my nose. If your acne is responsive, even in a little way to the only water and mild soap, then you will see results in 3 days or less, I guarentee it!!!! (Well I wouldn't bet money on it, but it's worked real well)

The biggest problem I had was once my face was clear I kept rubbing it and said "ahhh how smooth" and got all my friends to touch it...rubbing my forehead right now cuz it's so smooth.

Anyways give it a try. Try also drinking the full 8 glasses of water a day. Second single best thing I did. If it doesn't help acne it will accelerate the healing process (the proper amount of water keeps the body healthy allowing it to heal quicker)

Good luck


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This is my plan. As I've been using products for a while, I'm going to slowly remove them from my life. I'm currently using B5 and will continue to do so during this regime. The B5 is only making oil production normal, so if by washing only with water and balancing my skin this way, the B5 will not be needed and at that time I will reduce it week by week, until I'm no longer using it.

I'll be drinking plenty of water and watching my diet.

The Plan:

Week 1

Morning wash with warm water

Evening wash with gentle face wash 100% natural ingredients and apply small amount of BP

Week 2

Same as above but remove BP in the evening

Week 3

Same as week 2

Week 4

Only water washes

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oh my god you are soo right, I totally agree that applying too much product can worsen your skin. I am just like you, I dont have any marks or pimples on my forehead because I barely use any product on my forehead or makeup. So I think it's important that people only use minimal products on their face.

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