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Could low-mineral water be the answer?

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I dont know if this will work for anyone else, but the other day instead of washing my face with tap water, i washed with poland spring water. --But first, since I wear make up i wiped my face with Noxema make-up remover wipes, and then rinsed off with the water. Instead of using moisturizer i used a dab of walnut oil on my face to keep the moisture intact. I am not kidding, you do not know how my face changed. i almost feel afraid to write this cuz im not even sure how this happened. but i think tap water is bad for your face, you ever notice how your face gets bright red after you take a shower? my face always looks very irritated after a shower. but this time it was very calm, and the pimple rash on my face began disappearing that very moment i did this. I also did it the next morning-instead of using any soap or anything i simply rinsed my face off with poland spring and put a dab of walnut oil and my face has maintained. And i am somone who was sooo fed up with using all these topical gels, and antibiotics, my face just began rejecting everything! you dont know how awful my skin looked. but to think that it could be as freaking simple as washing with low mineral bottled water blows my mind. im still holding my breath. but you guys out there should try it, see if it makes a difference. Im sure it will be different for people with different cases, but ive had moderate acne since i was 14, and have been through a lot of bullshit medications. all that stuff just erodes your skin. i think we need to go back to something natural, because acne causing agents are in everything. this water thing could be a start.

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i mean it makes sense. where i live they voted a few years ago to add certain chemicals to the water to make it fresher and sit longer i think...who knows if these are non-comedogenic?? noone really. just think of the water sitting there and going under the city through dirty pipes and through dirty faucets straight onto your face and body. not to mention pesticides and other chemicals that seep into the ground water supply through the dump. this is the same water that not only goes to your faucets but to your garden hoses, showers, and toilets. in essence, your washing your face with toilet water! if people spend sooo much money on skin care lines...why would people spend extra money to buy bottles of water to wash your face with??

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basically, the chemicals they add to the water (chlorine especially) are irritants. This will have an adverse effect on the skin. Hard water will also be drying. A shower filter should improve your skin.

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