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How do you keep makeup on without it wiping off?

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Ok I have been using Studio5ive concealer and I love it...works great...but I have a red spor on the upper bridge of my nose where a zit was and when i cover it, it looks great but when I put my sunglasses on and then take them off, it takes the concealer with them on the nosepiece! cry.gif I've heard about "setting powders" Is there a good one that I could use on this spot so that I could wear the sunglasses and not worry about the concealer coming off at all? Then wash it off at night......and of course it would have to look completly invisible cause i'm a guy ;-) Thanks

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Yep, powders do set the foundation or concealer although they can make the finish slightly 'fake' looking and, of course, powdery. So perhaps just dabbing a tiny amount of powder onto the area where your sunglasses rest might be a good idea.

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I've used numerous concealers over quite a number of years. No brand, even when set with setting powder, will withstand touching or rubbing.

Anyway, if you want to give setting powder a try, regardless of the brand of concealer I use, I prefer the setting powder by Dermablend (they come in white and 2 other shades).

Leave the setting powder on for a few minutes. Use a somewhat stiff makeup brush to carefully brush off the setting powder without disturbing the concealer underneath. Then using a terrycloth towel, barely moisten it and gently dab away any excess powder until it looks almost natural (don't try to remove all the powder otherwise there'll be no use in applying it). When the natural oils in your skin saturate the remaining powder, it will be unnoticeable.

Another tip is to try using a silicone makeup primer underneath the area you are covering. It gives the concealer something to hold on to so it will last better.

You might also consider trying Revlon Colorstay concealer. It contains silicone and when dry, it is somewhat durable.

Lastly, Dermablend makes a concealing product for the body. Although it is meant for the body, arms and legs, when it's set properly with setting powder, it is absolutely heavy duty and resists slight rubbing.

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I got some Revlon Stay Natural ColorStay today and I worked with it some today and i wore my sunglasses to class later today it it stayed quite well. biggrin.gif So maybe it will do until the spot goes away...

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