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hey!... im gonna buy an eucerin moisturiser tomarrow, but i dunno which one to get.... my skin is REALLY sensitive, dry and REALLY easily irritated.. im not using any acne products (i haven't used b.p for 2 years) and am only using cetiphil to wash (without water).. and lubriderm to moisturise... its not really helping to keep the irritation away tho.. my doc gave me hydrocotisone to use, and it seems to help, but everytime i use and the rash goes away it always comes bac, i don't want to use this stuff to much b/c i kno it can really damage ur skin.. anyways does anyone have any suggestions on which moisturiser to use?... i was thinking either Eucerin: hypo balance, redness relief or aquaphor i also heard biotherm biosensitive soothing balancing gel cream moisturiser was good... any suggestions? any help would be greatly appriecated.... i need somthing to help sooth irritation and drench my skin in moisture (ive tried vaseline, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't)

thanx lol.gif

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I just started using Eucerin Skin Renewal, so for I like the results, it's not that greasy, and so far no breakouts. However the way you describe your skin, it sounds like your extremely sensitive, and therefore I wouldn't recommend Eucerin b/c it has Lactic acid in it, although in very small amounts, over time you may get a slight tingly feeling. I have that now, but I'm also on the BP regimen.

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Hello! I am currently battling dry, sensitive, EXTREMELY irritated skin from using Cliniques 3 step.... Very unhappy. so i decided to try Biotherms Biosensitive moisturizer (dry skin) and wash with phisoderm. as far as the red skin goes, its GONE after less than a week!!! i am still breaking out a little bit, but its definatly only mild.. i recommed this moisturizer, though i bought it for 40$ CAD.. a pretty penny, but worth it. i can imagine you can shop online and get it cheaper, which is what im going to do next time! hope this helps wink.gif

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