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Hello jenfen,

Your plan sounds a little too aggressive timewise.

At day 8 I was still oozing a bit, and the face was still extremely sensitive, too uncomfortable to sit and work 8 hours day. But its doable if you have to.

I am asian. Now at 8 weeks post op the red has faded to a solid pink, but no patch of normal color has broken through yet.

Also, you should consider sun exposure during the vacation. Being outside a lot increases the chance of hyperpigmentation.

Good luck!


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Well I finally finished having all my scars revised and made smoother and closer together...well, all but one.  I have now scheduled my dermabrasion for May 11th.

I am extremely nervous as I have been avoiding dermabrasion for years, but hey, can 6 different plastic surgeons be wrong?  I am just nervous that I am not being realistic about the down time, eventhough I have read all the dermabrasion posts extensively.

I am also a little nervous in the fact that the doctor seems to think I am being to overly concerned about the procedure.  He said that I should maybe stay off the internet, but this site has helped me to decide to take the plunge. Plus, you can look at pictures in a doctors office, but those people dont tell you about the stuff that really sucked.  I know he is a good surgeon; I guess its normal to be nervous.

My question is this-If I am having surgery May 11th and I am planning a vacation to New Orleans (mostly night outings and such) July 16th, am I going to look strange? I am a woman and wear make up, but I have found that being realistic about my appearance during the recovery period is essential to me not becoming depressed.  I can deal with whatever comes my way but I kind of have to expect it.

Plus, I am only taking a week off from work....a total of about 7 days from the procedure including the weekend.  I work for my family so looking bad isnt that big of concern, but health wise is 7 days an unrealistic number?

Thanks for any feedback...I am so nervous!!!

Jen eusa_think.gif   wacko.gif

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Hi Jen,

I had dermabrasion on March 7, so it's been a little over a month. My forehead has returned to normal color, but my cheeks and jawline are still a little pink. When I put makeup on it just looks like I got a little sun. You will look normal again for your vacation.

I was in New Orleans last week myself, and the one thing I do urge you to be careful about is the sun. It's very hot and sunny there already, and by the time you go it will be even worse. Wear at least an SPF 45 every day (I do this even when I'm not on vacation), and get a wide-brimmed hat to wear. I wore a big floppy straw hat and Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF 45 (it's the only one I've found that doesnt' feel and look greasy), and I didn't get any sunburn or sun irritation. This is very important because if you sun damage your healing skin, you can destroy the pigment-producing cells and end up with permanent hypopigmentation. Plus there are a lot of really cute hats around these days too smile.gif

I'm not too sure about going back to work after 7 days. Actually, I think you should be okay. The first time I put makeup on my face was day 8. My skin was very dry and tight and peeling, but there was no oozing for me at that point. I guess it varies person to person. Good luck!

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Hi Jenfen,

I went back to work on my 7th day post-derma (I work for family too); there was no oozing. It was really red and tender so I kept it greased up, and was able to wear makeup on the 9th day. My skin actually looked really good when I started using makeup; I'm very fair skinned and w/makeup over the redness, it looked like I had a nice tan! You should be fine to go on vacation too.

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