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Lots of dermatologists recommend Dove moisturizing soap to use as a facial cleaner. Dan, do you support this notion? I would assume so - because it’s a mild cleanser.

But, I can’t imagine not ever using a facial exfoliator though with Dan’s regime. Will I not ever need to, if I’m using an AHA product?

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Guest Amy Lee

I never like what Dove Cream Bar and Dove Unscented soap did to my skin. I'd rather use other soaps.

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my experience with dove: regular unscented: clogged pores. sensitive: less clogged pores...both these contain sodium tallowate. Derived from animal fats. ie. pore cloggers. I did some research and found that soap causes the oil to hardden right in the pore. So while dove says the sensitive skin bar soap is non-comodgenic, so no ingerdients in the bar will actually clog your pores...i think the soap actually cuases pores to clog..i donno why...but i stopped and switch to a mild cleanser (spectro jel or cetiphil) and a washcloth for exfoliating..my skin look 90% better. Plus soap damages the moisture barrier and lowers the acidity and lets bacteria multiply yack yack yack i sound like a doctor...bottom line: don;t use soap on your face if you have acne prone skin.

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