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I just wanted to briefly tell about my battle with acne and how I became 90% clear.

I didn't have acne until I graduated from college and wasn't able to get extremely cheap birth control anymore-which kept it under control.

So I tried to battle the acne myself for a few months until going to a derm that was recommended by a good friend with milky clear skin. I went and he gave me differin gel with cleocin pledgets to swipe over my face whenever I feel oily. He also told me to use cetaphil and aveeno moisturizer. Never once advised I use sunscreen

I was on this regime for about 4 months with a horrible initial break out and it was beginning to clear up...I had hope. Until my face became severly raw and burned even when water touched it. I talked to my friend who said I used the cleocin too much and that over use can make your pores open up and thats exactly what had happened. My face a 1 huge pore and red, irriated and sensative to the touch. I completely stopped everything and my face EXPLODED. I felt so embarrassed and wanted to cry when I saw pictures of myself. I went back to the derm hoping he could help me (haha) and he gave me finacea (azeliac acid) it helped clear up the clusters of white heads and roseacea looking condition on my face, but still not 100% clear. During all of this I found acne.org and started to read about other people's experiences and advice.

I switched from the RX message board to the over the counter message board, because "tane" was the usual topic of choice and I wasn't getting any useful information. Over there I found that more people were having success of getting clear with drugstore products. So I decided to completely stop everything and try to repair my skin and start over.

I stopped all meds the first week of march when I went on vacation, i figure what better time to just stop-cold turkey. If I dont have them, I cant use them and I left them all at home. When I got back after a week of no RX on my face I was clearer then I had been in months. I was still using cetaphil, but I wanted to try something else because it just wasn't my favorite.

I recently started using Clearasil Ultra Daily Face wash and it is a God-send. My face has been clearing up day-by-day since I got it and I'm only battling dark spots now, using hydroquioune (sp?)

I guess my point is just not to give up hope and don't put too much confidence in those prescriptions that your derm gives you. I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, and are thinking "not my acne, it's just too bad" but those harsh products combined with each other are harmful. This skin has ways of taking care of itself on it's own. I'm not telling all of you to stop cold turkey and let go of the accutane and other treatments, but try to keep your eyes open and realize when something isn't helping to keep you clear.

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my sister used differin together with Dalacin antibiotics - she is clear now - minor breakouts occassionally - however she never used Differin during the day - only at night time and washed it off in the morning - the sun is not good for you - always use suncream especially when using such harsh products!

Hope everything will continue improving for you!

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