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120 mg of Accutane a day...YIKES....HELP!

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Hey all,

I wrote a few days ago saying how I'm just ending my fourth month of Accutane at 80mg a day and I'm still getting cysts. Well, I went to my dermatologist today and he upped my dose by another pill...I WILL NOW BE TAKING 120 MG A DAY!! Has anyone ever heard of such a high dosage? I weigh just under 170 pounds but DAMN! Is this safe? Will one month at this dose do the trick? I would appreciate any words of wisdom anyone can supply! Don't know what I would do without this website! wacko.gif

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Guest Craigems

yeh its safe. Just beware of chronic dry lips and dry eyes. 120mg people have gone that high, it just makes your course become much shorter which is good.

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You know I'm in the same boat. I'm 4 months in and still gettin cysts. The doc upped my dosage to 80mg. I weigh 150.

The doc says he'll extend my course to even 7 or 8 months if it takes that long for me to clear.

At 120mg, you should notice a big improvement I think. Coz when my dose was upeed from 40 to 60 i noticed a big difference in one month. It usually takes that long for me to notice a difference when dose is upeed; at least, for me it was.

So I think you should be clear by the end of 5th month, at the latest.

'Wait and hope!' - Count of Monte Cristo.


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from experience, yeah, its fine. you're about 1.5mg/kd at that dose. you can go up to 2mg/kg if needed. you wont die, you will be drier (maybe) and it will tack on extra bonus points to your total cumulative dose which is good if nothing else. i'm starting 160mg/day in less than 2 weeks. i'm a bit worried, but i'm sure i'll be just fine. from what i can read, you're total dose is at 120mg/kg....the minimum. if this is you last month, you'll be at 165mg/kg at the end of treatment. solid dose, if you ask me. personally, if your derm wants you to do 2 months on 120mg, id so go for it....just get it done with and move on.


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