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once im into my 3rd and 4th week will i even need to use a moisturizer? will my skin become accustom to the bp and adjust its oil production accordingly? Will my skin stop becoming red? i went to bed last night with really dry skin and no moisturizer and i woke up and my skin was oily as hell, so should i moisturize not to prevent dry skin but to prevent over-production of oil?

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Hi Mike,

I am on week 6 and I moisturize day and night. My skin is typically super oily, but since using the Regimen, I have found my oil has somewhat decreased.

I know Dan said to consistently use a moisturizer when using bp, to help balance the skin's moisture level, so just based on my experience, I find using it twice daily with the bp everyday actually helps with oil problems.

Also, which moisturizer are you using? In the product ratings pages some people reported experiencing a feeling of oiliness more with certain moisturizers, of course each persons experience is unique. I am using the Eucerin Renewal lotion, on top of the bp twice daily and have found my skin in a good balance.

But if you are super oily, of course, use your judgment on how much moisturizer to use.

Hope this helps.

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i'm using cetaphil moisturizer, but i only put it on places where i am flaking off, which is like one spot on my chin, everything else is fine on my face but when i wake up it is intensely oily

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