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any help would be greatly appresciated!

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this is my first post, and i have been scrolling throught the posts and have not saw my question, but i appologise if this has been covered before...

my acne, i could gladly say is now gone. but i have been left with a whole load of read marks where my spots have been. does anyone know a way in which i could get rid of them??

i dont like wearing make-up to hide them so can anyone help me please? is there any creams/pills that would get this away

thank you

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HI. So glad your acne is cleared up! And I understand your concern about those leftover red spots. Those will fade in time, sometimes it takes many months for them to though. Some people have tried speeding their resolution by using a peeling agent, such as chemical peels, a dermatologist can do those for you. There are some that you can do yourself, but I personallly do not recommend that, although many people do.

But if you are patient enough and keep your acne under control (so new red spots do not occur), your present spots should gradually fade. Dan has a sortof time-line for those people using his regimen on how long to get clear and how long for red spots to fade, check out the "what to expect" link on the front page of this website to see where you are.

In the meantime, since you do not like to wear makeup, you might consider just using a dab of concealer on those spots so they are not so noticeable. I have not used any foundation makeup since I began the regimen 6 weeks ago, and I find I love not wearing it! But I do dab a bit of concealer on the red pigmented areas, and then top off with some loose powder just to give an even appearance and minimize any shine throughout the day.

Hope this helps you.

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Red marks do suck I know I got a whole face full of them right now. There are a few different ways people here try to get rid of them. Delna's regimen is a popular one around here, do a search for that and maybe try it out. I'm usuing a lotion called alpha hydrox enhanced lotion to try and fade mine and it seems to be working alright. It is avaliable at rite aide drug stores or neortic.com or drugstore.com. I hope this helps you out.

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