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Cleansing breakouts?

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Hi all,

I have just been reading on curezone.com that some ppl have been breaking out worse then when they started cleansing. Now they are saying that they now have acne on their entire face. How can this be possible?

I was really looking forward to cleaning (enema, P and B shakes, lliver flush etc) but i am a bit scared now.

Has this happened to anyone else?



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I did a cleanse a few months ago, but I used one of those prepackaged kits with pills. I don't recall the brand, but unlike other kits on the market, this one consisted of 2 stages...a gentle stage at the start and a more aggressive one to finish. I didn't have much problems with it nor did I notice much improvements.

A holistic practitioner I spoke with said these cleansing routines bring up all the bad toxins in the body and sometimes it does so very quickly and the skin is one area the body expells these toxins. Sme people even become ill and have flu like symptoms. If you can get past this stage, you might notice some degree of improvement.

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Hello WindWaker,

I also read those posts on curezone, but did not let them discourage me. So far I have done 2 liver flushes, and things went great. I did not even do an enema after them. On the first occasion, I passed appr. 70 stones, at the second appr 200 stones. I felt gorgeous after the flushes and still do. Acne reduced 80%!!!

I have to add that I have been on a serious homeopathic-isopathic treatment course for the last 7 months. It really helped a lot, though the first 4 months of it I had to go through a healin crisis with lots of pimples. I guess the toxins came out of my system then. But they were quick to heal and no cysts like they say on curezone.

I prepare to continue flushing till I get no more stones. I really believe in this cleansing stuff and strongly encourage you to start it!

If you are afraid, here is what you can do to make sure you do not reabsorb the toxins (that leads to breakouts): balance your digestion - eat healthily, take PB shakes. And be sure not to skip the epsom salts when doing the flush! They wash all the gunk out of you. You can also do an enema. However, as I told you, I did not do it and still had no problems. However, I'm planing to buy an enema kit and try it on my next flush. You know, just for the sake of it. I like experimenting wink.gif

Feel free to ask me questions if you are unsure,

Wish U luck,


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