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hey to you all out there!

I have spent the past hour or more reading post after post about how down you all are about your scars. I myself have pretty bad scars, that show even WITH concealer and foundation on! Even my children, bless them, have pointed them out to me (like I need reminding, right!?! :wink: ) And there are days when I take AGES to get my face 'ready', I hate having to wear makeup each day but I can't go to work without it as my skin looks so bad that I feel it wouldn't be right, you know.. it is important to give a good impression and people DO judge on first appearances (unfortunately). I am 29, othewise ok-looking except I have had cystic acne for YEARS and now am battling scars. My hubby is great and reassuring and loves me to bits but even he can tell my scars are bad and supports me in any way possible to get them sorted out.

What I want to say to you all is that PLEASE hold your heads high. I spent years walking with my head down, not only due to my skin's condition but also to the colour of my skin not necessarily being to everyone's taste. I had no confidence whatsoever. But I really believe that once WE become OK in our own skin then other people will respond better to us. I am not saying we should sit back and do nothing to get rid of acne or scars.. we should do as much as we can as it's a disease. BUT whilst doing it we need to somehow start loving ourselves for what we are inside. I have rarely seen a truely 'ugly' person, if ever... normally everyone has something that is nice about them... and I bet everyone who writes on this thing has either great eyes, smiles, hair, figure, personality, humour, talents... something to be happy and proud of. Show it off! Smile and be confident, its rare someone will say nasty comments to those who are content within themselves. And if they do, we can rise above it as we know there's far more to us than our skin.

This is not to say I haven't had bad days but I see people worse off in my job and it makes me thankful for what I have and don't have. It's a daily mind battle to not think about my scars and look at myself in the mirror all the time to see if I need to top up my foundation but it's a battle I am fighting and winning. Acne and scarring is bad enough without us letting it keep us inside and in hiding. STAY ENCOURAGED AND ALL THE BEST WITH HOWEVER YOU GO ABOUT GETTING RID OF YOUR SCARS.

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You go YO! That's it, you've got the right attitude! Thanks for an uplifting post.

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!

I'm with you Yo!! :)

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Thanks a lot for that YO.

It is hard sometimes to think past the marks on your face to what is really important about being alive in the world.


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