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My scars - need advice

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Hi all,

I am new to this board but I pretty know the stuff thats going on here. Yes I also have scars left by not correctly treating my acne when I was 16 - 19, Its fault of my physician, however mine too - in other words I should have care about it and get some knowledge. With my current knowledge I would prolly never have scars. On the other hand I dont let it to affect my life, have no problems with girls or society at all and I can say I am leading quite sucesfull life. But you know that feeling ... even if you managed to come along with how you look, somewhere deep in your mind theres the wish to wake up one morning and have better skin on your face. It would be one more thing to be happy with. I dont think my scarring is SO terrible, but on the other hand far to be good. It is maybe not so much visible on the pictures but the scares are not so much deep, at least most of them.

1) What type of scars do I have and what treating should help me to solve my problem best ?

2) Is it even possible to get some great result ? (I am not expecting miracles but I have already seen some VERY impressive before/after pictures on the net)

3) Should I start straight ahead with some more drastic treating like laser, dembrassion or subcision or try some cosmetics, Zink and vitamin first ?

Pls be honest to me, if I ll get negative responses I wont screw my life due to it, I already know there are MUCH bigger problems waiting for you in life, that something like this is just a small problem, yes small but maybe permanent one :)

One thing I have seen on this board I have to agree - the scars made me stronger in my character.

Thnx for all your help and advices and if needed pls excuse my English, I am not from English speaking country and writing this quite in a hurry :c)

(I deleted my first post by accident and being pretty pissed off by that - you know you never get the same ideas two times :D)







You will have to prolly copy the URL to clipboard and paste in your browser otherwise the image wont display :)

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You have nice skin. Have you looked into any non ablative lasers???

Your scars are so shallow they might respond very well to that....Stay away from dermabrasion, that will make your pores MUCH larger!!!! I really don't think you should do anything invasive, because like you said it hasn't effected you a great deal. If it has, then I might say otherwise!!!

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Hi max,

thnx for your op. Well I think I want to stay away from something more drastic, at least because its hard to get out of work for 16 days or so when accepting an Erbium laser or something. Yes, the scars arent deep, I even think 99 percent of them arent deeper than those 0.3 mm that can be quite effectively corrected with laser. It doesnt affect my life but on the other hand I am looking for the best results. The other reason I am asking - in two days I ll have first meeting with a dermatologist/plastical surgeon and I want to be informed not to accept any BS as treatment but rather stuff that MAY help me :) Thx for your advice.

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K, heres what the doc said:

I shall start with smoothbeam and V-beam laser combined 4 sessions 1 per month during summer. Charged me USD 600 for all 4 sessions both lasers. Later on she suggested to accept resurfacing (if still needed after smoothbeam) with Erbium laser which should (according to her) help a lot. Maybe whole face but prolly just a few parts (where the scars are deeper). She said my problem may be possible to correct quite a lot (like the most of the scars which are shallow almost 100 improvement and the few deeper maybe around 70) which seems to be quite possible. For the rest tahat wont respond over those 70 percent she suggested another resurfacing later on just for this small areas. For subcision my scars arent so deep to be it needed and she suggests to try it without it for now.

I think I ll give it a try ...

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Will you need to copy that link to clipboard and paste it in your browser. I think the www hosting I did put the pics on doesnt support direct file linking.

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