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Hi I know I havent posted in a while but I just wanted some quick information from all of the acne geniuses on this board who are like the most helpful people i have ever talked to in my life.

Anyways, right onto my requests...

What is your guys opinion on the following and their affects on acne....

Please be very specific and detailed if possible.

Masturbating.. (2-3 times a day, daily, 2 to 3 times a week, weekly, seldom.., never)

Aspartame..(Bad as sugar, worse, no effect, etc)

Tanning..(Tan skin color vs Pale, worsens acne even when you have no current acne, irritation, etc)

Aspartame..(Bad as sugar, worse, no effect, etc)

Sweat..(Clogs pores, washing soon after helps, wiping off helps, how much does it factor into acne)

Multivitamins..(Helpful, how much)

Stress..(Cause much acne, what to do when stressed to avoid breakout)

Oily Face..(How to stop or reduce *shiny face*, wipe with shirt okay)

Alcohol..(Bad for acne, how bad, specific kinds, etc)

Try to give your best educated opinion on all of these, i jus listed some examples to think about after the topic. eusa_think.gif

Thanks for all your help!! eusa_clap.gif

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