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hi there

I've got a dilemma

I've been reading about microdermabrasion and it sounds really good and quite affordable, however they won't do the treatment if you're on roaccutaine - and then once you've finished your roaccutaine course, you've gotta wait 6 months before you can have the treatment.

I'm not on roaccutaine at the moment but I will be within the next fortnight. I'm currently on the B5 regime and its not working (4 months in)

So what should I do? - shall I get the roacutaine meds, and hold off taking them whilst I have a microdermabrasion course (6 sessions?)

Does microdermabrasion help with pigmentation, lumpy skin, scarring and spots?


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I can only speak from my personal experience, but if you still have active acne I would strongly recommend going on Accutane first, and then possibly doing microderm later, if you feel you need it. I had a series of microdermabrasions while I still had acne and it was probably one of the worst skin mistakes I ever made. It does help fade red marks leftover from acne, but it's also quite aggressive and irritating. My face got SO much worse after I'd done microderms and peels... so much that I don't think I'd even do it after Accutane. I'm terrified now of all of those cosmetic procedures.

If you are still suffering from acne breakouts, you really need to deal with that first. That's my .02 biggrin.gif


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