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Good moisturizing washes? Aside from the dove one

Okay, so I have mild chest/butt/arm/shoulders/back acne. Even an odd one on my belly every once in awhile.

I've tried doing nothing, keeping my body out of the water and cutting down all shower time to bare minimums because I heard that can overdry it, ect. Nothing really worked. I tried using some nutregena body wash and a few other washes and things, didn't work.

Awhile ago I started using Dove moisturizing body wash for sensative skin and have been using that for maybe 3 weeks or so now. Good news is my shoulders and arms have gotten better, and I think I might have noticed a tiny bit of improvement on my back, none on my chest though.

About 5 days ago I started using my face moisturizer (Nutregena oil free moisturizer for sensative skin) on my chest as a sort of experiment twice a day. I don't want to jinx it, but I've actually noticed marked improvement in just 5 days.

I noticed mild with the Dove, so I figure moisturizing really seems to be helping, but the Dove doesn't appear to be moisturizing enough on it's own, and I really don't want to rub some little hand lotion moisturizer over my entire body every day twice a day.....

I don't really feel like my body is moisturized very much with the Dove. After washing it off my skin still feels a bit dry. Does anyone know anything more moisturizing that I could try? I'd rather have some kind of moisturizing wash since it's simpler before resorting to spending another 10 minutes every day on acne and wiping moisturizer over my entire body....plus that will cost a lot of money since I have a lot of area to cover....

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I use Dove Sensitive Body wash as well. I'd say if you are seeing slight improvment, keep going with it. The same thing happened to me, and it slowly improved to 98% clear. It took me like 2-4 months for my skin to get into the routine of using the body wash and totally clear up. I had it on my arms and upper back and chest. I say 98% bc my chest never really cleared from it, but what does clear it completely is AHA lotion. I'm using Alpha Hydrox Enhanced lotion, but theres a Walgreens generic brand of AHA lotion that is cheaper, which I am in the process of experimenting with. Also, I'm not sure if this would apply to you as well, but I've noticed w/my skin that if I scrub with a loofah, that it inflames my skin and causes problems. But when I go back to being extremely gentle, like barely dragging a loofah across my skin, and patting dry with a towel, all is well.

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