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I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I might as well give it a go. Well I'm a 23 year old student and I've had acne all my life. It started off when I was about 10 I think. It got progressively worse after that. People insult your looks with rude comments. You feel like you`re not as good as everyone else. You get self-concious. Skin is a very important part of your appearance. It's not easy for people to look past your appearance and they focus on it alot.

Concealers can help but they don`t do much. Being a teenager can be hard enough without red spots all over your face. Some people complain about the odd spot. How would they cope with acne? Sometimes I still find it very hard. I`m on antibiotics but they haven't worked very well so far for me. I've tried all the creams and concealers out there... even toothpaste on my spots eusa_dance.gif

As you can probably guess I was a virgin up til about 5 months ago. My acne really help me back in life, especially where women are concerned but 5 months ago I started working on my INNER confidence and I really tried to get over this thing mentally. Then I bought a book dealing with women and it's been all good on that front. But the problem is, that book is only related to getting women in nightclubs. I don't really know how to have relationships with women but I guess I'll improve.

My advice to people with acne is don't get yourself down about it. Just work on your inner confidence because although acne is BAD, you can overcome it.


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Great Post. My only advice is 2 stay a night person & CLUB CLUB CLUB, maybe for the next 20 years. An admirable outlook, G.

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