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It seems that there is a link between carbs and acne. When carbs break down, they turn into sugar. This in turn increase hormones, which creates more sebum, which creates acne. I'm going to try this theory and eat as little carbs as possible. Has anybody read this or tried this diet before? It sounds interesting.

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Do a search. Sweetjade and others have beat this topic to death. Simple carbs break down faster but if you're smart you eat these before exercising or a long walk, or even a test(The brain uses 25% or your glucose). Have you noticed that taking hard test or studying constantly(Like at midterms) leaves you feeling drained after. If you do this you will use the energy right away. In fact, it wouldn't be unhealthy to say eat something like gummibears before a big workout or something requiring lots of cardio, professionals do it all the time.

Complex carbs are broken down slowly and that's great. THings like whole grain bread, brown and wild rice, etc... If you are intolerant to these that's a whole different topic. You shouldn't bash bread just because you can't digest it properly becuase others may see it and think whole grain bread is bad and stop eating it when they could actually processes it properly(Not talking to you but the inevitable posters that will post about hte evils of gluten even though this is a thread isn't about that). They won't spike your sugar levels very much so you don't have to worry about it.

Things like protein, fiber, fats, all contribute to a slow glucose conversion. That's why if you eat balanced meals, you shouldn't have a problem with this, unless you are insulin resistant or something. Most young healthy people aren't, especially males.

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Lectins, not carbs or sugar, cause acne in many cases.

Try cutting out ALL grains and ALL nightshade veggies for a week. Just try it. You can still eat sugar (in moderation, don't be a pig!) and some dairy (assuming you're tolerant)- the only thing excluded is grains (that's rice, too), tomatoes, eggplants, potato and peppers. Also lay off the peanuts, cashews, cucumber and avocado just to be sure.

If you're not significantly clearer a week later, then you can yell at me or whatever. Just try it, and don't cheat! It's kind of hard, but not THAT bad. You'll probably be eating a lot of fish, salad, fruits and jello if you're anything like me.

Do this, and wash with a regular cleanser (not an acne one) for sensitive skin- like Dove or something. Moisurize with Cetaphil, and voila.

You can do a search for SweetJade's posts, or search lectins + acne on google (there's not a lot) for more info, but PLEASE try it! Just for a week!

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I absolutely agree with this thread.

I said before, i ate pretty much nothing but meat for 6 moths atkins stylee to loose a few pounds and my skin was flaweless. I maybe had one pimple at a time.

Then i moved back out to university and eating meats is expensive so started living off bread, cereals etc. My diet was pretty much 80% carbs.

And guess what. I broke out the worst i ever had and im still recovering. But switching back to meats has slowed my break out rate and im clearing really well now!

starting back up at uni also meant my alcolhol intake went up dramatically, ive cut down a lot which will probably help a great deal too.

My acne patterns certainly relate to my diet patterns.

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I know it's difficult for some people to understand, but I don't think gluten is evil ;-) I just know that if someone truly has a problem with sugar and Diabetes (either one) or Insulin Resistance Syndrome runs in their family that simply Low-Carbing may not be enough (even WITH medications or supplements). For some people this is enough, but for others they need to avoid the BIGGEST source of their sugar intake and it's going to be Wheat/Gluten. Like BBB said I've definately got the posts and the studies floating around here so I won't even go there. I will say that I am not intolerant to gluten according to the current testing standards. Yes, I do have a few gluten protien antibodies, most healthy people do, but it is not enough to be deemed a Celiac.

Furthermore, I do know how hard this can be for someone that doesn't live with their parents or someone that is too young to go shopping on their own. As such, I've thought up a teir system, and the first step for someone would be:

Low - Mod Carb Diet (if Diabetic type II, Insulin Resistant), Mod Protein, Low Fats (mainly keep healthy fats), no Refined foods (no added REFINED sugar, no trains fats, no High fructose corn syrup/hfcs or fructose, no non-100% fruit juice, no 100% fruit juice, no organic/natural sodas), reduced/no added "natural" sugars, med-high fiber consisiting of plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains**, legumes, nuts, & seeds.


Med - High Fiber Diet (if "healthy"), Mod Protein, Low Fats (mainly keep healthy fats) No Refined foods (no added REFINED sugars, trans fats, hfcs, no non-100% fruit juice, only organic/natural sodas) , 100% Whole grains** (READ labels), vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, & seeds.

and see if that produces results. If not, while keeping the above in mind, you could try avoiding only wheat grain and see what happens. There's many possibiilities here, but even on this tier system I'm working on, avoiding all carbohydrates will NEVER happen. Like BBB mentioned a good starting point would be to go for the complex carbs and forget about the simple carbs.

If you consume enough calories you will not lose weight, but again, this may not be a diet for those that want to gain weight (unless you actually had a gluten intolerance you may gain some) or wants to add muscle (paleodiet can add lean muscle). As far as I know the best I'm aware of around here is 95% clear with no supplements for those that weight train. If you truly do have a Sugar Intolerance/insulin resistance, and you want to add the simple carbs for more energy on the days you train (new lingo for me), you will have to add a supplement or several to hopefully prevent a breakout (b5, chromium, R-ALA, etc).

**Please note: It is nearly impossible to find 100% whole grain wheat bread at regular/conventional grocery store that doesn't contain Refined Sugars. Therefore if you can't get to a healthfood store, see if you can handle the conventional versions as they will contain added sugar, particularly HFCS. If you can find a version that is unsweetened or sweetened with only evaporated cane juice/sugar, honey or perhaps fruit juice, that would be a bit better.

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Funnily enough, at the Safeway I go to the 3.50 a loaf expensive 15 grain bread and the .90 a loaf no name brand are the healthiest, in terms of only whole grain, or sprouted grains, no white flour, sugar of any kind is not on the indgredients, glueten is about 10th on the list instead of hte top 5, and the one has 4grams of insoluble and 3 grams of soluble fiber for every 2 slices.

If you weight train or do any endurance activity such as cardio for more than half an hour or some outdoor activity or sport you are setting yourself up for failure if you don't get some simple carbs before. You won't make any progress without them so if you break out from them it's a chioce you have to make. Fruits or like I said above, even alsost pure sugar like gummi's or those power bars(Tons of sugar), are the things you need because you will be burning tons of energy right away.

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