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Okay...I'm now in year 13 of my endless search for an acne cure. I've decided my next step is going to be to change my diet. No more fast food, no more pizza, as little soda and junk food as possible.

I'm trying to eat more home cooked foods, and drink as much water.

What foods are simple to make (single guy living by myself here) that are either good, or at least not bad for acne?

Also, is pasta, eggs, or tuna fish bad for acne?

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try eating a huge variety of salads (give it taste with lemon, vinegar and olive oil), you can mix em with chicken and is very nice to eat


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A lot of people with skin disorders such as eczema are recommended to go on low carb diets (like Atkins). I'd have to look into it more but I know these diets really work for a lot of things, not just weight.

Tuna isn't bad for you, it's actually very good. It's one of the best sources of proteins and good cholesterol, along with having no carbs and very little fat. Try and get the higher quality tunas like albacore. Some meats in general aren't bad for you, fish, chicken (skinless), lean cuts, etc. Fruits is big, your diet should consist mostly of fruits if you really want to have that healthy diet. A lot of people on these forums recommend diets low in wheat products and dairy, you can read those threads to find out why.

I'd try and stay away from pasta and other high carb foods, for more reasons than skin care. Eggs are fine.

Actually the diets recommended for losing weight, bodybuilding, and skin care are all related, you should definately look into it. There is a better way to eat. I'm not saying you can't eat the foods you used to, but try to moderate. Or you could also substitute. If, for example, you really can't live without the taste of cheese, you can move off of dairy and into soy, which isn't as bad. Humans aren't really supposed to be drinking a cow's milk, cow's milk is made to nourish baby cows, which are much bigger and different than humans... besides you don't even want to know about all the stuff they inject into cows and eventually into your stomach. The things in milk that "make a body grow" are found elsewhere. Vitamin D is made through sunlight, don't stay in the house all day. Calcium is found almost anywhere.... etc.

Do the research and choose what you think is right. You'll be a lot healthier if you do. When I move out of my parents' house and have free choice over my diet, this is what I'm going to do.

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