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mucoid plaque... where's the proof?

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ive been reading about PB shakes (psyllium and bentonite) to help clear out mucoid plaque, but i cant find any references to mucoid plaque in the scientific literature.

i checked pubmed and searched yahoo looking for only ".edu" websites, but found nothing on mucoid plaque. many of the websites that sell treatments have pictures of the mucoid plaque... some also claim that people like elvis had huge amounts of plaque at autopsy, but none of these websites provide any references to back up their claims.

am i really to believe that my intestines are coated with this stuff? how do i know that the bentonite isn't producing the stuff i see in the pictures? i might try the psyllium for now, but i'll hold off on the bentonite until i see the proof.

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I have taken plenty of bentonite and plenty of husk in my day, and I am living proof that they don't form mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is very, very hard. I take some kind of psyllium along with flax almost every day just as a fiber supplement.

I have taken p&b shakes and NOT passed mucoid plaque, but I have passed some plaque on a few occasions.

What you are saying, imho, is quite literally impossible as p&b shakes don't "form" plaque. Mucoid plaque is quite hard and rubbery; totally different consistancy from a normal bowel movement.

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Why not try oxypowder instead and see how you feel? It's my second day on it and I feel much lighter and energetic. I'm doing it to prepare for a liver/gallbladder flush.

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