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I'd like to post my tried and true tips to thank all the other members for their great input.

1- For oily skin - Origins Matte Scientist. My skin gets so greasy throughout the day that I could go through ten of those oil sheets, easily. Matte Scientist is pricey - I think $21 US dollars for only 1.7 oz, but I've been able to get it on Ebay for a few dollars cheaper. You kind of have to layer it on, though. The more you use, the better it works. Downside - no SPF in it.

2- Also for oily skin - a humidifier by your bed. I discovered this during the really dry winter months. I would wake up and not be blinded by the sunlight reflecting off my nose! I use it now on a nightly basis, and I think the extra humidity tells my oil glands to slow down.

3- Pregnancy zits - I'm now eight months pregnant, and I have had a really hard time keeping my skin under control. Not only did I get cystic acne, but my oil production went way up. I never thought -that- would be possible! I know a lot of members here are advocates of Vitamin B5 for controlling oily skin, but I've read that Vitamin B6 is good for controlling hormonally-induced breakouts. So for pregnant women or women that get a few zits before "Aunt Flo" comes to visit, this might work for you. I take 25 mg of B6 with my prenatal vitamins, and I think it's helped. No harm trying, right?

4- Another use for baking soda - This baking soda and AVC thing has been great for me! I'm going to stop using the Proactiv system - money pit that it is- and switching to this way. One more use that I've found for baking soda, however, is exfoliating your lips. Just scrub at your lips with a little baking soda on a cloth, and they become sooo kissably soft.

That's it for me. This message board has been so informative, and I hope I've contributed my little bit.


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Yesterday I had a glycolic acid peel, and since I didn't want to irritate my skin any more, today I just washed with Cetaphil, put on Matte Scientist for a moisturizer, and used sunscreen - the spray-on kind that's not a cream or a gel, but alcohol based.

I didn't use my ProActiv, I didn't exfoliate in the morning, I didn't use the Purpose moisturizer with the sunscreen because I didn't think the SPF 15 was good enough after a peel, and I didn't use any blotting papers.

And you know what? At the end of the day, I kinda feel greasy, but I don't look it! Is it the ProActiv? I've been reading other threads here that advocate not using any of these products, whether they're OTC or prescription. I'm a little scared at the possible consequences, but I think I'm going to try ditching the commercial products (except for the Matte Scientist, because I'm a true greaseball).

So here's what I'm going to try...

No more bp, gel or lotion

Delna's regimen (minus the bp)

Peels once weekly until the brown marks fade

Matte Scientist to control the oil and my alcohol-based sunscreen

Prenatal vitamins with an extra 25mg of B6 (not B5)

What made me really consider going cold turkey was remembering when I was in Basic Training for the army.. No time for any type of face care whatsoever, and I don't recall having nasty breakouts. Maybe I was too tired to notice if I did, but what the hell. I don't want to be a slave to products forever.

I figure that if I stop using BP, and my skin stops making so much oil, I'll stop the breakouts one way, which were mild to begin with.

The other way is to balance out the pH and make my skin inhospitable to the bacteria with ACV.

Cross my fingers, wish me luck.

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Hi Sue,

I am also pregnant but only 4 months but unfortunately I have been fighting acne for 10yrs before the pregnancy. What cleansers do you use? and what is the baking soda good for? thanks red

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I'm about 7 months pregnant and was having great skin until this week, for some reason I have a few new spots which I'm treating with manuka oil on the spots and emu oil all over the face.

I'm trying to stay away from chemicals. I was doing Dan's regimen for the first 5months of pregnancy but my skin looked old and irritated so I stoped(zero zits though).

I also want to do peels but I feel scare to harm the baby. I think lactic peels will be the only safe peel because is gentle and once in the body is harmless because is similar to mammal gland milk or so I think.

Have you asked a doctor if glycolic peels are OK during pregnancy?

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redhot: I use Cetaphil for a cleanser. Once a day I pour about 2 tsps of baking soda into my palm, add a squirt of the Cetaphil, and it makes a great (and cheap!!!) gentle exfoliant.

Judith: To tell the truth, I know my doctor would tell me to just deal with the spots, so I looked into glycolic acid peels on my own. Glycolic acid is a fruit acid which only penetrates the skin a little bit, and is considered to be a class of drug that has not been proven to be harmful to the fetus.

This is as opposed to drugs that have been tested extensively and have been shown to (1) be completely harmless (like your prenatal vitamins) or (2) may be harmful (like a glass of wine). It's in an in-between class of drug, so some will tell you that it's ok, but most will try to CYA and tell you to avoid it.

But for me, I've avoided alcohol and caffeine, gained 25 pounds, my belly button has popped out, my husband won't even look at me in any sexual way, and I've got zits! You know, I've got to do -something- that makes me feel a tad bit better about myself. I'm not smoking crack, I'm just peeling a few layers of skin off my face!

*whew* thanks for letting me vent. I'm ready for this baby to be born.

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Reading these brings back memories of pregnancy, thank god I dont have to go through that again!

I have usually had a problem with my skin but it really got worse when I fell pregnant, I will be interested to see if you are all having boys.

I thought once I had bub the problem would go, forgetting about the fact that breastfeeding is controlled by your hormones I had to put up with the acne for 10months while bub breastfeed. I thought once he stopped it would clear then I read that it can take up to 12months for horomones to regulate themselves after stopping breastfeeding, I could not believe what having a baby does to your body.

As soon as I could I went back on the pill then after 12months went off, fell pregnant again and what do you know, instant breakouts. This time while breastfeeding I went on chinese herbs, the most natural thing to take and bub would benefit too. It was wonderful. I stopped taking the herbs and was fine but once bub stopped breastfeeding I have broken out again. I was using baking soda for a while as it is a very mild exfoliant and probably one of the most gentle things you could use on skin but still broke out here and there. Now I am at an in between stage, deciding what to do, but this site is more than helpful and I wish you ladies much luck with your little ones. Yes I get down when I see my face in the mirror but I look at my little ones and know I am blessed.

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