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Hey can i have some advice please!

Hey guys i started the regimen on tuesday and my acne has started to clear abit. Im using a 2.5% of BP gel and Neutrogena cleansing wash. On thursday morning i noticed that my skin had gone red as if it were burned it wasnt that painful but lastnight it felt as if my face was on fire and it was really sore to touch especially the soft skin on my cheeks and at the side of my eyes just above my cheeks. It looks as if i have really bad sunburn, can any1 tell me if im doing sumthin wrong or how i can reduce the redness? Thanx alot guys! :D

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i have it now .. iv heard you just have to press thru it .. its should subside as your face adjusts to the bp .. if it gets unbearable as mine did the 1st time i used bp .. stop using bp for a few days or till your face takes its normal color and then start again using a smaller amount and building up to a good amount gradually .. if you can stick it out it should be ok in a week or 2 .. mine is just brown/tanned now and i feel no pain .. its nothing too serious every1 has to go thru it

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Yep I went throught it too and I am mixed race so you can imagine how weird it was for me to have a red face. I was SO dark! :D

Anyway, I didn't stop using the BP completely but dropped it to just at night for a few days till the burning and redness subsided. Figured night was better than day to use it as I don't pile on tons of make-up to sleep! I also wrote Dan and he advised me to make sure I wasn't using the full amount straight away and to just build up slowly. After a few days my skin was normal colour again.. I have clear skin right now (I have been using the regimen for 2 months) just trying to get rid of the scars.


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hi irishguy,

A couple of points:

1. did you start with a small amount of BP? It's really important to "ramp up", i.e., start with a small amount and increase gradually.

2. Make sure you are using an oil-free moisturiser, preferably with SPF for the daytime.

3. I wouldn't use BP around the eye area as the skin is way too sensitive.

The major problem that I had was that my skin was peeling and flaking, pretty gross & impossible to cover with makeup. So after a few weeks I started using the tape method (there's a big thread on the scar board) and this took care of the flakiness.

Good luck!


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