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Does accutane start to clear the dark acne spots?

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Accutane actually slows down the healing process so theoretically, your hyperpigmentation would have a better chance healing without Accutane - - but without Accutane, you might never have a moment wherein your face isn’t active with acne that would leave behind more spots following the ones that were just there. Did that make sense?

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The main reason my doctor put me on accutane was because I got red acne scars. He says that accutane helps to get rid of them. My theroy is that the only way any scars are going to go away is by major exfoliation, that's what all scar treatments for red marks truly are, mayjor exfoliaters. Haven't you ever noticed that people who go on accutane have skin that is peeling? That's because accutane is riding you of skin to bring out a more beautiful complection. So I'd go for accutane to get rid of those scars if your doctor will put you on it.

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while i was on accutane my red marks seemed to fade far quicker than now that im not on it.

I know that conflicts with common theory and logic etc but just how it happened.

wish i could get more of the stuff...

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Agreed. Even though our opinions on the effects of Accutane differ, it is true that it changes your skin drastically.

Good luck and I hope it gets rid of your red spots.

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zuzyque, your theory is what I also shared when I started tane.

I could feel my skin peeling, do not know if it helped the red marks or not. But soon I felt a need for moisturizing and I started using a mositurizer and that ended the peeling.

Allowing the skin to peel in the hope of it healing red marks that a few can dare attempt, you could be the first to start and post the results smile.gif

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Yes I understand that you use moiturizer and it helps keep you from peeling. In my skin care regimen I use a toner, clinique clarifying lotion 3 to be exact. A toner takes away your dry dead skin so all of the skin that accutane peels, and makes flake goes away with your cotton. So anytime dead skin is removed new skin comes out and eventually the new skin will no longer have the red marks. You just have to hang in there. I will keep you posted of how accutane helps my red scars go away.

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