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95-100% clear

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just wondering if the regimen COMPLETELY cleared ur faces for any of you guys. I hear the red marks are just as bad if not worse then the actual pimples and im deciding whether i should go on this or not or take my dermatologists advice and start with differen gel and antibiotic. How clear did this regimen make u?

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Ive been on differen and many antibiotics. Ive been on so many antibiotics...and my derm didntt know what to do with me because i tried all the the medications except accutane. Yes, I do get red marks from BP but they arent as noticable as the acne i use 2 get. Id rather have faint red marks (faint for me at least) than painful zits all over. Right now I have 1 zit on the side of my eyebrow, but its nothing compared 2 what I use to deal with. It depends on how severe ur acne is. I have moderate acne and ive been healing well. Id say give the regimen a try. If i wouldve found this website earlier, i couldve saved $$ :roll:


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my skin's definately better now, and i do have redmarks but at least i can use concealer to cover them up. If i have no redmarks but pimples instead, i can't use anything to cover those pimples up so i'd rather have redmarks. Besides, they're fading away :cry:

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iv heard that scotch tape can clear up those red marks pretty quick so even tho i have them from using bp i intend on using tape when im clear to get rid of them .. worry about 1 thing at a time.

just wondering. Dont you think using consealer would reduce your confidence ? .. you will be paranoid about your face even when your clear and for example: If you get with a girl/guy when your out and your wondering whether to ask the person out or go home with them wouldnt the fact that they have no idea that you have red marks on your face put you off cos when they wake up next to you their gonna see it and their gonna be thinking "who is this peep" .. just wondering if it has effected you ?

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r ur redmarks noticeable? like say a random person sees u on the street would they say that kid has acne / red marks or would people have to look for them to see them

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I am not sure

but my opinion is

if you getting those tiny pimple (1-5)

dont even bother using bp , because it does make the skin red and it will take some time to fade! instead you might want to use some cleanser or mild soap and clean two times a day!! It sure will help!!! :lol:

But if you are getting zits or a lot of acnes around your forehead or cheek

whatever!! and i do mean a lot buy saying 10 or more around one part of your skin

then you might want to use some bp, because bp does help a lot!! :lol:

If you are starting to cure (90%) and acnes aren't coming back, please dont use it!! I dont get why people say even when your acne is starting to cure they still manage to keep using it! :roll:

I mean hello, bp are not lotion or moisturizer!!

They wont make your skin look better, they will just make your skin red and dry!! :cry:

when you are 90% cure, just basically start using cleanser and mild soap two times a day and let your skin rest a little after all those bp you are using, if you are really 90% cure, the acnes you were having wont grow lager or worse!! And I am very sure about that, because they have changed their form! :wink:

"(90%) means they have changed into tiny pimples or whiteheads and blackheads!!"

If you keep using the bp on whiteheads or blackheads, yes you will still see improvement, but is totally not worth it, because after the whiteheads or blackheads broke out, you will need a long time to get your skin back to normal! Walking around with those red marks and very dry skin! :arrow:

Damn!! You can imagine what i mean!! Even a granny's skin looks better than yours! :lol:

For curing blackheads, there are a lot of other products that wont make your skin looks so bad to heal the blackheads, many options, so no need to use bp on those blackheads!!

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I have had mild- severe acne for the last 9 years. I have never gotten a single blackhead in my life. I always thaught only older people get them?

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Try out the regimen first. It shouldnt make your face too red if you use the 5% BP, unless you have really sensitive skin. I only use it all over my face at night and then just apply small amounts to already developed zits in the morning. Also, I use a really good soap for my face called Cetaphil, its REALLY gentle and never irritates my skin like all other soaps do. For the red marks, I suggest taking Vitamin E pills everyday, and a good multivitamin. Its been working really well for me. I had moderate acne for the past 7 years and nothing worked, then I got on the regiment and it changed my life. I never have more than one zit on my face at a time now (have zero at the moment). I only wished I would have found out about BP in junior high school :D

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