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Im a mover and i sweat alot for long durations. Is it best to not touch my face, or using a towel okay?

I tend to get the big pimples in the upper half portion of my forehead. Probably due to sweat and my fair rubbing on it.

I tend to get whiteheads around my mouth and nose.

It's very confusing as to why i get different kinds on differnt parts of my face? does anyone know why?

Im 24 now. I have a great deal of scaring. My acne was horrible when i was 14-19. It is probably 70% better now. but forehead is still pretty gross.

My dad is 53, and gets breakouts when he is stressed. which im pretty sad, since i will have to deal with this the rest of my life, thanks to him.

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same here

my mom had bad acne

now i have it too

it sucks

maybe u should wear those headbands that sucks the sweat from your forehead or somthing

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You know, one thing that I have learned from my Doctor plus from other sources....sweat doesn't cause or aggravate acne. The reason why some people get acne when they sweat is cuz they wipe their face a lot and aggravate it and also get other bacteria and what not on their face.


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Sweat is basically water, salt, and small amounts of urea. It's really rather clean, the reason sweat smells isn't due to the sweat, but the bacteria on your skin eating it and giving off wastes of their own-this is why fresh sweat has no odor. It really doesn't "clog" pores or anything-no one worries about rain, or showering aggravating their acne now do they? :cry:

Yeah, you should gently wash and pat your face dry after sweating, not for acne, but for your body odor and the sake of others.

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Ok. However the sweat does make acne stand out more. WHen you use benzoyl peroxide you lighten it and it turns a shade of white. When you sweat it makes it bright red.

People think your gross and think you have acne is because you sweat and have bad hygene.

My mother also had acne. She use to get the big pimples my dad said. It just sucks having both parents who had it bad.

I have two sisters. I had it real bad, now its mild-moderate. my middle sister got lucky and if she uses her clearisil pads every day. she may get one whitehead a month. My younger sister has it real bad. However since shes a girl she uses makeup. However you see tons of tiny whiteheads caused by the makeup.

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