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has this happened to anyone -- this is the second time i have been on the regimen (both for about a week or so). . . so, the first few days (3/4 days) work like a charm. pimples seem to be going down, no new ones coming up. and then day 4/5 comes and there seems to be a set back. not goign down as fast, and a few new ones. last time this happened, it coincided wiht a trip to my dermo and she said i needed to be more aggressive. so i quit the regimen, and i broke out even worse. dan said that it is normal to experience a quick benefit in the beginnign adn then to have a little set back adn then clear up again, this time for good. i was wondering if anyone else has had this experience though.

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Hey don't worry! I started the regimen 2 months ago and I also have had set backs. I don't think it works immediately for everyone.. we are all different. I would advise you to stick with it, I have... I haven't missed one morning or evening of this regimen, even if it has been real late! I have gone through all the side effects... redness, dryness and flakiness... but I know my skin IS improving and is pretty calm right now! It just takes time sometimes and patience. And don't stress as that makes it worse! So, take it easy and I hope things start going better for you soon!


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Hey! don't worry i still get spots here and ther, even where i apply the cream! Just keep using e bp, especially if u have mild to moderate acne, because it's bound to work...

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