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BP at 10% - its working!

I am 25 and relocated last fall. Before moving, my skin was beautiful, although I had an occasional blemish. However, since the move, I have suffered from horrible cysts, whiteheads, blackheads and ugly scars and redness. I am Filipino and Black, so my skin is olive but scars VERY easily. I' d been on mino since October, used retin-A micro, clindamycin, and even used Rosanil, a prescription wash for rosacea and acne. Last week, I broke down and cried because my face was just horribly red, scarred, and broken out all over. I felt so helpless and frustrated. Then, I stumbled upon acne.org and the regimen. Since my acne is so severe, and my skin was pretty much accustomed to harsh products, I started the regimen with a 10% BP cream. In two days, I noticed a difference. Today, about a week later, I am almost healed - even the dark scars have faded significantly.

I swear its a miracle. I had to share this for anyone who is suffering from a severe case of acne. So far, the 10% has been tolerable, and I have sensitive skin. I just make sure I moisturize extremely well and drink TONS of water. I also use Neutrogena's skin clearing cover up to conceal dark and red spots (which are almost gone now). It contains salicylic (sp?) acid which helps heal and clear the skin. I never thought in a million years that my face would respond so well, but now that it has, I want eveyone to know how it happened for me! :cry: I just hope this helps anyone who suffers from bad acne like me :!:

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I use Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10 spot treatment. It comes in a small tube, but it really goes a long way. I have done so well that I only use it on a few small problem areas now instead of my whole face. It has been almost two weeks now, and using the 10% BP has worked wonders for my skin!

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