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Scared to come off accutane..

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My face hasn't been oily, the new zits aren't popping up, so all I have to deal with atm is the redness. BUT..

I'm afraid to come off the accutane because I enjoy the dryness of my skin. I no longer have to pat my face down all day to get rid of the oiliness. When I get off the the tane, I know that the oiliness will come back, at least partially.

I think my dermatolagist said he was going to get some peels in a couple months after i'm done my tane treatment, due to the skin being so fragile. But, I was wondering if I could take anything right after my tane treatment to keep the oiliness production down to a minimum.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Please say there's something that works. eusa_pray.gif

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My skin was never really oily in the first place so this dryness is killing me. My nose looks like it is going to fall off my face. Uck!

If you are concerned about the oil, have your doctor prescribe Retin-A or another topical retinoid. Even if they haven’t worked in the past (hence, the Accutane), post-tane the results are supposed to be pretty good. A lot of dermatologists prescribe this to their patients after they completed Accutane in order to help out with any potential breakouts due to oil.

Also, your redness should go away naturally. Doctors can prescribe a bleaching cream like Tri-Luma in a few months. If that sounds like too much for you, try the apple cider vinegar method or some water with fresh squeezed lemons. The lemon-water concoction is helping out with my redness and I’m still on Accutane.

Good luck. And let us know how those peels go for you in the future!

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Retinoids. Keep having monthly appts with your derm to get your retionoids refilled. It is supposed to not only keep your oil glands suppressed but also help with old acne marks...

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