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[b]Did anyone have trouble getting prescribed Accutane?[/b]

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hey warrior?

just a question, are you female? cuz if you are, your acne sounds like it is hormonal acne--and you could probably clear it up without the drastic measures of accutane. I had a similar experience with doxycyline, and then my derm prescribed me aldactone (spironolactone) for hormonal acne, which has really worked wonders! so if your a guy, sorry! but maybe thisll help someone

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Your story fits mine almost to a "T" starting age, age now, tried everything! Was laughed at by two derms when I politely disagreed in their comments that I would "grow out of it." I haven't been to a dermatologist since I was 20 and that one was at my undergrad. Then I graduated and haven't gone to a new one. If I do go back, I'm asking flat out if I can take it, but I don't want to be a doctor hopper. My experience with dermatologists up to now have not been good, so I need to collect myself and walk in there with a damn list of demands.

Yikes, that was long....

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Raf it cost you $13 to see the derm. My friend went on accutane there the other week, and his visit costs 150Euro which is the equivalent to about 160 dollars.  

$13 cant buy 3 pints over here.

50Cent, ya know, the total amounted to 150 euros, too, that is:

a) the doctor's fee - 13$

B) Roaccutane the Drug ;-)) - 300 zlotys (75 euros approx.)

c) A DRIVING FUCKING FINE ;-((((((( - about 25 euros

so it equals to about 120 euros (including petrol ;-)))

Yet another question - will the 20 milligramme dose suit me?? I've heard here and there on the net that it should be prescribed 1 mg a kilo of body weight (My weight is 67 kg)...

Would anyone reassure me I'm not just risking the side-effects of the drug in vain (too little dose)???

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hey.. yah i broke out but on other places. i use to get acne mostly on side of my hair line and when i went on accutane i broke out all over my forehead and my hairside lines were fine. but accutane reallyw orks im like clear already within a month just really dry skin. i was amazed but 1 st and 2nd week is hell

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I'm just curious if I am the only one alive that has not had good results with Accutane? I hear all these successful stories and they sound great! I wish mine sounded so good. It has been a year now since I had my last dosage of Accutane. Perhaps my breakouts are not as bad as they were before, but they are still there...and still a part of my life. Infact it seems it gets worse as time goes by. I don't know if anyone has had the same results but for me...not doing Accutane for a year...I still feel a lot of the same side effects. Sensitive skin to heat and sun, Pealing lips, and or chapped lips, which has made me start habits of licking my lips when no chapstick or carmex because my lips get so dry. It has been a year and I can still peel pieces of skin off my lips. I get very cotton mouth and dehydrated, although I'm not sure if these are mentioned as a side effect. These problems had never occured before going to the Accutane Treatment. Also a lot of the reasons why I chose to go with the drastic Accutane Solution has come back to haunt me! The 4 or 5 months on Accutane I was completly miserable, you start at 20mg or 40 and work ur way up to what around 100mg? or more. I was around the 5th month. Its just too much. I have never really had oily skin and I could see my skin peeling only a few days after the initial dosages along with my lips. Trust me if your happy your oily skin is gone the first week! Don't get too excited...soon u'll be wishing it would just stick to your face its sooo dry! Sneaking into bathrooms and what not to apply more non-scented SP 15% proof facial moisturizer so everyone doesn't look at you like your a freak! For the amount of time my face was clear I was very happy, but It did not last nearly long enough to equal the hell I went thru to get that clean face for that year. Also Accutane is not a cheap solution and can be very expensive. Now I know everyones face is differant, and I can't say as I'm really interested in success stories or to be proven wrong...I know several people that went thru Accutane and never had any problems again and lived happily ever after. But what about those of us who don't....am I the only one out there? Is Accutane the Miracle for all Acne but myself? If anyone had any of the same situations or problems with Accutane like myself please let me know. I would like to know if you have found something that worked better for you...I don't think I can bare going for a second treatment of accutane.

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