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Tca 6% peel .where can i buy it ?

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i've read here posts that said where they both a tca 6% . but can't find the posts.

anyone can tell me which site sells a good tca 6% peel ?


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poorgirlproducts.com for 8% tca and above and i think loganwoodskincare.com has tca peels as well.

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in general,

TCA is a very effective peel.

i've used a 20% full face at a derms office.

it improves dramatically the look and freshness of face. can really remove freckles. clear pores, and give a pinkish baby-tone to face.

the downsides :

it's a strong peel. any % around 15 and even less, cause reall peeling that makes you to stay a week at home . u can't go outside. (you look bad) + the results are quite short termed. i guess if someone has the means to try it every few monthes  he can really earn from it.

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Vancouver Canucks Fan- It depends what exactly you're looking to improve- if it is acne scarring then yes- those can be made smaller and wont grow bigger over time, but if you keep breaking out and get more active acne- then some of this could leave you with scars that you'd have to treat too. With regards to softer looking skin with a pink glow- if you wanted to keep having that then a TCA peel every 2 months or so should help.

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