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My Custom Regimen + Stievamycin Log (With pics)

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First off I will provide some before pics which were taken a few months ago before I started: (Sorry about the not-so-great quality, I'm using an old Digital camera)



Now, for what i do everyday. It's pretty much Botchla's Regimen with a little bit extra:

Products Used

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub (2% Salycylic Acid)

5% Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash (I use '5 Benzagel')

Normal Strength Stievamycin gel (0.025% Tretinoin, 4% Erythromycin)


Wash with C&C Blackhead Clearing scrub for 1 minute, Dry.

Apply a very small amount of Stievamycin gel to affected areas (less than normal)

Apply Aveeno Baby Lotion (unscented, hypoallergenic, no oils)


While in the shower I wash with a light baby soap bar, just using the lather to wash my face.

This is followed by 40 seconds of C&C Blackhead Clearing scrub.

Then I wash with a 5% BP Fash wash for 1 minute.

Apply Aveeno Baby Lotion again

Night (Approx. two hours after shower, 10 minutes before bed)

Apply normal amount of Stievamycin gel to affected areas

Diet Changes

I do not drink ANY pop anymore, WHATSOEVER. The only thing that I drink is 4 litres of water per day, everyday.

I stay away from Chocolate, I might have a bit every once in a while, but I have not eaten any for a week.

I now eat Oatmeal in the morning rather than my usual cereal or toast.

Now here's the pics from today (The lighting seems to have changed between the two pics...though they were taken in the same room ...)



Almost all of the bumps are gone completely! The one side of my face still has a large patch of blackheads, but if I look closely I can see they they are clowly coming out! My forehead, which doesn't show up in any pics is also pretty much clear (only a few remaining red marks).

I will update every so often!

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i have a bunch of little bumps, all over my face, mostly on my chin though its where i had moderate acne before. Is stievamycin effective against those little bumps? it looks by your pictures it works good against them, is that the main reason you got it?

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