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A supposedly REALLY good product for oily skin

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Has anyone tried Ketsugo Original Spray Formula or Gel? It's supposed to be very good for oily skin, has anyone else heard of it or used it? I have the links below, if anyone has any more info. on it, it could really help a lot of people out, as well as myself. I have SUPER oily skin, and by that my skin gets oily 15 minutes tops after washing it (a lot of times even sooner! It's pitiful.....) I'm always disappointed in mattifying products claiming to help control oil, but they never produce lasting results, if any at all. This sounds pretty promising, and it's not very expensive either. I didn't really find any reviews on it, so if anyone does or finds any more info please post it up here! I'm really interested in this, so I might even order it anyway if no one knows about it. If, or when I do, I'll be glad to let ya'll know how it works.



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oooh...thanks for the suggestion, i'm definitley one of those 15-minuters also unfortunately. but i don't want to spend anymore money on otc products siiiigh...oh well i'll probably do it anyways grr. btw, what else have you used?

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Yeah I use that, its not so good for clearing spots, however I used to get an oily sheen on my skin after applying make up, particularly on my chin, but I notice the Ketsugo has halted the oil my chin makes so my makeup stays more matt in the day, its pretty soothing too, i would recommend as long as u arent expecting miracles

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oc eight is good for mild oiliness. Nothing helps my manhole pores (pourin the grease outta my face).

You can get it in the UK


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