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nervous about switching!

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I've been reading all these fantastic stories about how this regime has worked for all you guys and how you've adapted it to your own needs. It's great to read what real people with real acne really think of all these products. Doesn't it annoy you when the models they use to advertise products for oily/blemished skin types ALWAYS! have perfect skin!!?

I've always spent alot of money on skincare, although clearly it hasn't worked or I wouldn't be here! I'm a little nervous about changing to cheaper products after using Dermalogica, Clinique etc for years! I've always loved Dermalogica. It's never irritated my skin, and although I wouldn't say it really cleared up breakouts, my skin is much less oily and congested when I'm using it.

However, if you guys are all getting these results from brands like Neutrogena, Nivea and Garnier then what's the point of spending more than you need to!?

I'm off to Tesco's to buy supplies! Any SIMPLY MUST HAVE! products?

I will let you all know if I notice any difference in using a moisturisor that cost £3 and one that cost £25.

Also, how are you all finding the regime a litle furthur down the line? I think we've all tried something we thought was just the greatest thing ever and cleared up out acne... only to find that it stopped working after a few weeks. What are the longer term results?

Thanks! Jude x

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yes!!! i hate that clean and clear advert for the blemish gel when the girl goes 'oh! a spot!' n then the next day its completely gone.grrr it was never there in the first place. neway, back to ur main point. i would reccomend facewashes from the body shop especially the passion fruit one for normal/oily skin, also neutrogena have a fantastic foundation i think u can only get it in big boots stored though. alot of people have found clean and clear facewashes really good, personally i found they didnt work for me, but everyones different!! hope thats some help xx

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