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another accutane log


im a 22 yr old male who's had acne for about 5 years now. it used to be mild but seems to have gotten severe in the last couple of years particularly.

after messing about with numerous antibiotics, i finally decided to go on accutane, and got my first dose last week.

im on 40mg a day.

im on day 8 so far, no real side effects - apart from dry lips, slight back pain when im sleeping, but all this is small fry if the accutane actually works.

i found my acne was clearing up within the first couple of days, but since about day 5/6 i have had the 'initial breakout' in which i've got quite a lot of spots on my chin, upper lip, and right side of my face. the left side seems to be clearing, and my nose seems clearer.

how long have people found before the initial breakout stops and the accutane takes effect?

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the initial breakout is the accutane taking effect. the positive results are allegedly seen in the 3rd month. for me its day 16 or so and im still in the midst of my initial which commenced most obviously on day 7 exactly.

word is that having a bad initial is a good sign.

look at your zits fondly, as though this is the last time youll ever see a life form of this kind.

endangered species like.

&good luck, keep posting

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day 11

things seem to be going much better now. the breakout seems to be under control, and all my spots seem to be drying up.

i've been having plenty of fruit and water in the last 4/5 days it definately seems to have helped. also - sounds simple but have avoided touching my face so as not to aggrevate them.

my chin is almost totally clear.

i had minor acne on my back and this is also drying up.

my nose which was bumpy before is now looking so much clearer, but seems to be getting very dry.

had real back pains last night, only seems to happen at night, maybe because of the twisting and turning. but hey, its a small price to pay. hurt my knee today playing sport and its kinda hurting bad, but dont know if thats down to the accutane or just the fall! its kinda easy to blame everything on accutane so im gonna say its nothing to do with it. lol

just hope the progress continues and i dont get another bad breakout.

hope all you guys have a great new year

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Guest Brandon

I'm glad to hear that things are turning around for you, man. I hope it stays this way for a long while. Happy new year!

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thanks brandon

day 12:

skins definately looking much much better now.

its starting to get quite dry though which is annoying. specially my nose which used to be sooo oily.

only one big major spot at the moment on my right side.

the rest are just minor spots here and there which seem to be drying up.

do you guys put moisturiser at night?

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day 13:

good progress is continueing

no new spots, still have some of the ones from the breakout which are dryed up but still red.

skins starting to get really dry though and a bit flakey in patches. also seems to be getting less red though which is a good sign i guess?

hopefully it wont get any dryer - i dont like putting so much moisturiser on.

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day 15

im not getting any new whiteheads now which is great.

nose is drying up a lot though.

i havent shaved for about a 5 days now, so gonna shave tomorrow and see if skin is better. certainly looks it.

i been putting sudocrem to help heal scars

anyone tried that?

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sorry no update for ages.

been one and half months now.

time goes quick.

i see a good improvement in the skin. shame i got some scars but hey hopefully they will dissapear - they seem to be improving.

i got one huge spot on my cheek at the moment, but tend to get hardly any now.

drink 8 glasses of water a day

have fruit


seems to be helping

hope everyone is doing well ;-)

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