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Newbie here & full of questions

Hi all,

I have really heavy excess oily skin, but it's really really heavy. Like Crisco oil shooting out of my poors. That is both genetically from my parents side. And the cystic acne also!! So I have heavy oily skin & cysts on my skin since I was 12, 23 now. I don't know what to take anymore. sad.gif The acne is on my back, neck, face, scalp, & sometimes arms. It's all over!! cry.gif

It's terrible. eusa_wall.gif

What good pills have you taken that will stop the excess oil blotting out & shrink the cysts & make them stop coming back?

I've heard of Accutane, but would it get rid of my acne permanently....maybe? eusa_pray.gif

Also I've read that Accutane thins the hair. Does it thicken back to normal?

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well try the regimine first

if that doesnt work out for you, give accutane a shot

i was on accutane for a bit. it definatley clears u up and even though its effects may not be permanate, i feel as though it lessens the severity of ur future acne

u should talk to ur derm about the side effects of accutane. I experienced dry skin and lips..thats about it...and clear skin

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I'm sorry, but what is a Regimine?

Also, I think I would be satisfied to have the future severness calmed since I know it may not be permanently gone.

Thx for the input. smile.gif

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