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VLM's Log

It'll be a week tomorrow since I began The Regimen, and already, I'm already experiencing some improvements in my skin. I had a few pimples when I began, but now, the pimples are almost gone. I asked my husband if he had noticed any changes, and he agress that my skin is smoother and softer, and it appears to be clearing up a bit. (I will be posting pictures in the near future!)

I love using the Basis sensitive skin bar. It's soooooo gentle and has a pleasant scent. I also like the BP Gel and how easy it is to apply it on my face, and the Neutrogena moisturizer works well, also, but I plan to switch over to the Eucerin Daily Renewal after I run out of the Neutrogena. I must admit that the regimen is a bit drying, and I have mostly oily sensitive skin, but hopefully, that will change within a few weeks once my skin gets used to washing and using the BP Gel.

I can't wait to see if my skin continues to improve within the next few weeks. Big thumbsup to Dan for creating this Regimen! smile.gif

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My skin has been the clearest it hs been in a long time. I still get pimples from time to time, still got some of those nasty dark spots, but I am very pleased. I am now using Philosophy Purity cleanser (which I love!) along with the BP Gel and I still have that Neutrogena moisturizer. It lasts quite a long time. Pics to come in the future!

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Wow...it's been a while since I've been on the acne.org message boards. Fast forward from that last time to today and my acne is, unfortunately, out of control, as I stopped using The Regimen. I have decided to try it again. I'll be placing an order for the cleanser and BP Gel tonight. I already have the Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin moisturizer, so once I receive the cleanser and gel, I will start up The Regimen again and see if it will work as well for me now as it did previously.

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