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Acne.org Moisturizer - Is it worth to give it a new shot?

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Hi all,

The Acne.org Moisturizer has been in the spotlight for several years due to its controversial opinions and reviews. Despite that the other acne.org products have excellent reviews and ratings, the moisturizer falls short with relatively low rating of 3.0. Reading the reviews of the moisturizer, there are indeed some mixed opinions and reviews. Some people love it by describing it as light, easily absorbable with acne-friendly ingredients. Others or should I say the majority of the users dislike it, claiming it causes swelling, redness, dryness and even allergic reactions. However, most of these reviews are more than one year old which makes me wonder: Has the moisturizer formula had any updates recently? Is it still as bad as before, or is it worth to give it a new chance?

I have been on the Acne.org regimen for over 4 years. At the beginning of the regimen I also used the acne.org moisturizer, but as for many other users, it didn't moisturizer my skin enough and it even left my skin very red afterwards. However, I only used this moisturizer for a couple of weeks until I gave up and changed to another moisturizer (Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream 5% Urea). Now when my skin is more used to the regimen, I wonder if the acne.org moisturizer also would work better?


Below you can see the mixed ratings of the Acne.org moisturizer.


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