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i'm currently on my 6/7th week and i feel like i'm really beggining to purge (i.e. i'm getting more bereakouts than usual). However, I don't understand why as I've been eating quite clean of late (no diary or anything like that), so i'm just wondering if this is part of the process please?

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It's not part of the process at 6 or 7 weeks. Purging happens over the first few weeks when it does happen, and even then, it's not a usual occurrence.

Make sure you're on the regimen precisely. Check here and read the biggest mistakes part of the page. 

And...if you are female, it's always a good idea to get your hormones checked.

Finally, a random breakout can come from physical irritation, so think about if you physically irritated that part of your skin where you're breaking out in the past 2 weeks. 

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Hi Dan,

I have read the blog on "biggest mistakes people make on the regimen" but I still don't understand where I went wrong or what I am doing wrong.

I started the BP with a pea size and gradually increased it week after week. However, I must say I did introduce the AHA in the third week as opposed to the 4th week. I am taking Lymecycline at the same time also. I just don't know whats going on as the big pimples are still there. 

Does this mean my skin is not responsive to the regimen ? I was really hoping to see a good improvement by now

yes I’m a girl by the way

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When I coach people in person they very often think they are following it precisely and they actually aren't. So I would re-read the regimen and re-watch the video. You also want to see what might be irritating your skin. And...what other products you're using.

If everything is dialed in perfectly and it's still not working, I would definitely say it's important to get your hormones checked. Sometimes if you have poly-cystic ovary syndrome or something like that, you are fighting an uphill battle against hormones. 


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