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Hi there.

I'm a 24yr old male who suffers from generally mild breakouts. I had clear skin until I was 19, but then as a result of using lots of hair wax (my theory) I started to get spots and the condition of my skin has been fluctuating ever since. I tend to get more spots in winter, mainly on my forehead, but also elsewhere too. I spent 3 months in SE Asia a while back and my skin cleared completely and stayed clear for a couple of months after I returned to the UK. I don't have a regimen really. I just wash my face once a day using no soap (my skin seems to react badly to pretty much everything).

I recently tried changing my diet - cutting out chocolate, caffeine, most dairy etc; taking vitamins, eating more fruit and drinking lemon water and herbal teas. This seemed to be having the desired effect and my skin pretty much cleared up. But then a couple of weeks ago my skin took a turn for the worse and I've had a new spot appear every other day since... So frustrating! Particularly when I thought I had finally beaten my spots.

I know that I'm fortunate compared to others as my spots aren't severe or anything. But when your girlfriend and all your mates have flawless skin it can be very downheartening to be the only one with spots. Especially after having none in my teenage years. When I have a bad breakout it makes me less affectionate towards my gf and pretty introverted at work/when I'm out with friends. I really hate feeling like that (because that's not my personality at all) but sometimes I'm just unable to rise above it... I feel especially shitty being all depressed during Xmas and New Year. It just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. It's been kind of therapeutic just to type this all out! I think a big part of of my problem is the overall dryness of my skin. It's especially dry in winter, but any moisteriser I use, no matter how sensitive it is, just seems to block pores and give me more spots. Are there any foods I could eat or vitamins etc I could take to combat the dry skin? I have a a bit of dandruff as well and I just switched to the Head and Shoulders sensitive after T-Gel seemed to cause quite a few spots on my forehead...

I'm of the opinion at the moment that I used to have naturally good skin and I managed to ruin it through clogging pores with greasy hair wax and then exacerbating the situation by using harsh cleansers, moisturisers, BP etc. That's why I'm using nothing now.

So yeah, any suggestions on how to moisturise my skin 'from the inside out' would be great. Any other general advice would be sweet too.


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