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So since I was about 15 years old (I'm 20 now) I have had chronic, nasty acne that will not go away no matter what I do. I used some herbal crap when I first noticed that I had bad acne but that just clogged my pores even more. Now this cannot be hard to do, they seem to be hypersensitive to any sort of irritation at all and will immediately form pimples if I so much as touch my face. Anyways I then moved on to the over the counter stuff (didn't work) then Proactiv (made it A LOT better, but still I kept getting huge cysts like weekly) and now I have been on tretinoin (Retin-A) for the past seven or so months. Now I am not going to lie. The tretinoin has made a huge difference. I hardly ever get cysts anymore. Still I get nasty acne though. Some of my friends can barely be bothered to wash their face at all and they will only get tiny little red dots every now and again. But if I so much as forget to wash my face once, I will sprout a whole new crop of zits. Not only that but the years that I have had acne have left scars all over my face and given me a rough complexion. And while the tretinoin will *usually* keep blackheads from forming, they still will in certain areas and unfortunately the tretinoin is not an antibiotic so if they happen to get inflamed then I a stuck with a nasty zit. It also makes my skin very peely and red and DRY. It is not oily, at all, hardly ever. So I don't understand why I keep getting zits! I don't drink alcohol, I eat a healthy diet, and I am scrupulous about keeping my face clean. My dad and my sister both had severe cystic acne when they were teenagers, and luckily (so far) I have not been afflicted with THAT. Still I did inherit greasy, unhealthy skin and I can't do anything about it. It's definitely not bad enough to where I think I need Accutane and sometimes I think that I am only making it a big deal in my mind, but I can't get over having this crap all over my face. No other parts of my body have ever had a single zit on it. And only certain parts of my face will get acne! I haven't had a zit on my chin or forehead or jaw forever. And the thing is that I do not even use the tretinoin on my forehead. Yet it is as clear as the sky. What the hell. I'm sorry that this is so long, but I am just feeling sorry for myself cause after about a week of being almost clear (like only one or two tiny spots) my skin is back to its old tricks making pimples left and right and generally making my life miserable. Oh well. eusa_boohoo.gif

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Try my regimen listed below (I made it from bits and peices from all diffrent posts of this board)

Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar can be found at a local herbal store, everything eles can be found at walmart wink.gif about... 25 bucks i have spent all together its been about 10 days and I have seen a diffrence. I have cysts on my face,forhead,chest back and lower back so give it a shot. Neosporin is a must.. Tea Tree Oil can be replaced with a antibacterial gentle cleanser wink.gif and St.Ives Apricot scrub can be replaced with Baking Soda and Water..

I like how the St.Ives Apricot scrub feels on my skin and if you have cysts you would too.. and its for Acne Prone skin so it wont be so harsh to your acne.. Some say it feels like broken glass, but to me it feels like a facial/body scratcher and it feels so fkin good lol.gif Good luck

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Accutane is certainly an option you could look into. Has a derm ever tried a combo of retinA say at night, and a topical BP/antibiotic like Benzamycin during the day?It might help with the inflamed papules.A number of derms even try that combo to prep you for accutane.Minocycline or doxycycline can help with the inflamed lesions and are also a good prep for accutane should you decide to take it.

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