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Post-inf Hyperpigmentation makes me go crazy

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Hello, sorry for my bad english language, it isn't my mothertongue.

I'm 17 and live in Switzerland, I just finished my "second" accutane course, (I say "second" because it was supposed to end at 10mg in september 2020 but acne came back 20 days later so I finished it 2 weeks ago approx.)

Overall proud of the results.

Hyperpigmentation problem

On my face (except the forehead) I have reddish skin due to hyperpigmentation, its actually terrible because it makes my few acne scars look very noticeable and that red color isn't good looking at all.. Everything is red except around my eyes the skin tone is the normal one and there arent any scars on it, it allows me to compare how my normal skin used to be to the color of my cheecks (it's like putting black next to white, youi see the difference easily). I precise that I have slightly brown/tanned skin.

When I look at myself in some mirrors (depends of the lightning, especially daylight) I feel terribly bad to the point it has completely demotivated me to go outside, there are days I wake up and don't have the energy to do anything because this problem is destroying me. It's been more than a year I have those and I dont feel like they reduced at all despite the sunscreen, the winter, wearing a mask for covid and all.

I know that I shouldn't focus on my flaws, I'd like to ignore and let the time do its job but it has made me terribly insecure and it's hard to rebuild the self confidence I had before acne.

Everytime I had an appointment with my dermatologist for accutane check I kept asking about the post.inf hyperpigmentation but he said "it's like this it will go over time we can't really do anything" but the thing is, it makes me feel nearly as bad as I felt when I had lot of acne. He told me to buy  "Avene creme Antirougeurs" which is also spf30 but my skin doesn't really like it.

I felt bad to the point I actually asked an appointment with my school medical assistance and the psychologist, which has helped me because I could explain whats wrong, but its temporary and they suggested to work on my self confidence but it's not possible for me to do so when I take a look at my hyperpigmented skin.


I never tried anything on my face for hyperpigmentation beside sunscreen and what my derm told me to get.


I kept a simple acne skincare routine:

Morning + evening Before bed

Cotton with micellar water to clean the face (this is relatively new in my routine)

 Wash face with cool water and cleansing with "LUBEX émulsion lavante pH 5.5" (more infos on this if you google the name + "Compedium") it's a product in Switzerland that was prescribed by my first doctor and it is not only a cosmetic because it's covered by health insurance.

Moisturizing with "Bioderma Sebium Global" also prescribed by my dermatologist.

Sunscreen in the day from Avene or Larocheposay.


I really don't want to continue suffering from this, it completely demotivates me and ruins my self-esteem.


What do you recommend me to do? Are stuff like Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, or I don't know what, helpful in speeding up the process? I really don't think it'll have a positive impact on my life If I continue to wait for years. I saw that some people get prescribed products to fight PIH and actually have results, what can I do?

Thank you for reading this.

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