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Questions/Advice—first session coming in mid-April for me! 1st attempt at reducing scars since 2006 botched chemical peel.

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Hi Everyone,

I was acne sufferer for a little over a decade (about age 10 through 20). My acne became the worst at age 15 and I started noticing that I was scarring. After I was able to get my acne a little under control with Sulfamethoxazole, I went to a dermatologist to see what my options were for getting rid of some of my scars.

During this time, acne pretty much destroyed my life. I was shy, introverted, did not want to speak in front of the class, couldn’t look people in the eyes, and was so sick of pimples and couldn’t understand why I was cursed with such horrible skin.

This all was compounded when I was 16 I went to see a different dermatologist to see what could be done about my scars. They did not do laser surgery and at the time (2006) microneedling was not in their office either. So they suggested a chemical peel. I was skeptical and was hoping to see a dermatologist with a laser in Minnesota but my mom kept suggesting we stay with this local dermatologist because we knew her. It cost a lot of money and we signed the contracts up front saying they’d be not liable for any damage they caused.

What was explained to me was that glycolic acid would be wiped on my face in different strengths over the course of several months. It was so painful.

After the first two times, after peeling for days, going to work with dead skin on my face and wearing sunscreen all the time, I came to the conclusion the chemical peel was not having any desirable effect, I felt I could see my pores more.

I told the dermatologist’s aesthetician this when I saw her on my very last session I so deeply regret.

Her exact words were, “Let’s see what damage we can do today” and bumped the strength up to 90% glycolic acid. I remember they gave us something to bite on while they rubbed in on my face because it was that painful. It also was extremely costly.

Two months later I came to the conclusion we/I made the biggest mistake getting a chemical peel done, I was only 16 at the time. I was shattered and could hardly look in the mirror. It still hurts just to think about.

How I have felt about my skin since then (I am now 30) is it could be a lot worse and I have never been able to trust another dermatologist. I have been avoiding doing something about my scars for a long time and have thought back to how I probably would have never gotten such low grades in school and wouldn’t have dropped out of college if it wasn’t for my scars. But if micro needling can ever clear up these scars by 50%, I would have enough confidence and self-esteem to go back to school.

Since 2006, technology has rapidly developed and I started hearing about success stories with micro needling and how low-risk is. I watched YouTube videos and to me, it makes much more sense than chemical peels.

I also want to mention when I had acne really bad, I couldn’t shave without getting in grown hairs. One had to be pushed out so hard that it damaged my skin and it looks like I have a dimple when I smile but just looks like a scar when I am not smiling. I think micro needling would be perfect for this.

I have a lot of concerns to clear up before I get my micro needling done. I think I have found the right place but want to get your advice before going to a clinic. I have 3 session set up and that would likely be done by July.

Is the plasma thing worth it for $300?

What are the best products to use during the healing process in the days following each session? I should be using sunscreen, right? But are there any other creams or ointments you would suggest?

How many sessions would you say I should do and how many days apart should they be?

What is the best SPF lotion to use before and after and what strength?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any advice you may have and any product to buy to maximize the benefits of these sessions. It is a lot of money to me.





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