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Crazy simple approach that continues to give me clear skin

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I will keep this simple, anyone who wants more info please let me know.

Context: I suffered with mild-moderate acne from my teens until my mid-30s trying every "cure" under the sun and the only thing that cleared my skin was Roacctune...and that was only temporary every time.

So fast forward to my mid-thirties and what works for me now as a daily ritual is visualisation and embodiment of clear skin.

YES IT IS THAT SIMPLE!! I use a regular face wash & moisturiser...no medication or fancy creams....my twice daily routine (morning and night) is as follows:

1) find a moment of quiet to focus (doesn't have to be a full on meditation but somewhere you can focus your thoughts)

2) take a look at a high definition headshot photo of someone who looks a bit like you who has crystal clear skin (I just google someone different every week to keep it fresh and engaging - make sure you can see their pores and how clear their skin is)

3) spend 30 seconds to a minute (or longer if you can) focusing really hard on their skin. Imagine how it feels to touch and cleanse, how it feels on the inside of your face to be so clear and pure, how it looks in the mirror, every sensory experience you can associate with your new skin. 

4) now close your eyes and picture this skin as your own skin. I use my fingers in sweeping motions across (over, not touching) my face to focus my mind on my new skin being generated. Imagine it is like a skin being laid on a new you but that person exists right now in this moment and is totally real. This is your new skin.

5) keep doing this routine until your mind has accepted this new reality and you feel a sense of calm and acceptance. I always know if I feel I have achieved this state...sometimes I just know my mind isn't buying it, so I go again. The key is to relax and not overthink it or allow yourself to ever picture your actual face at that moment. It is all about being creative and imaginary - TRUST IN THE PROCESS!! I promise you this worked and continues to work for me (I may have to do it my whole life, who knows....but its no biggy and its relaxing). 

6) I reiterate that point....you MUST trust this process will work if you surrender to it. If you fight it of course it won't work. The key is the to accept nothing else has worked until now and so what do you have to lose! this doesn't even cost anything and has zero negative side effects. You need to be patient but results do come fast....I began to notice a shift even in a few days. I have read tonnes about the connection between brain and skin...its an area of medical research you can read about. So its no surprise this works, its just not something that may work for everyone but I am so glad it works for me and if it works for you please let me know...I would love to help as many people conquer this awful crippling disease as possible.

7) Repeat this routine throughout the day as much as necessary to feel at ease. Obviously don't obsess about it too much but rest assured if you're stuck in a negative cycle of skin related thoughts, this can help. Also, avoid mirrors as much as possible! I limit the amount of light in my bathroom so I don't slip back into bad thoughts of looking for problems etc...even with clear skin you can become hung up on the most minuscule blemish and this can send you back to square one (I've been there!)....which is ridiculous!

Best of luck - please keep me posted :) 

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