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I started on the regimen around late December to clear my moderate acne and clogged pores that affect my cheeks and chin/jaw. While it's definitely purged at least 80% of these clogged pores, my face is EXTREMELY itchy, red and flaky. Some mornings I'll apply moisturiser before BP just to give my skin some protection but even moisturiser alone itches and burns. I tried the regimen years ago but after a few months had the same issues so gave up. I'm desperate for this to work as my last option is Roaccutane and I don't want to take it. Atm I can only handle a fingertip of BP (and even that causes this). I was getting away with using more, but then my face flared up and I now have about four big red/scaly patches of skin that itch like crazy and turn bright red every time I apply. I dig my nails into my skin because it gets so itchy. I currently use jojoba oil and micellar wipes to remove my makeup, then cetaphil gentle cleanser and La roche posay effacular H moisturiser mixed with jojoba oil. 

Do I stick it out? Does it get better? Please give me some hope :(

Edit: here are some photos of the redness, also lots of PIH




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Hi T1901, 

Thank you for contacting us.


The Acne.org Regimen products are clinically proven and they will work to clear your acne. Make sure of two things:


1. You are using only Acne.org Regimen products on your face and nothing else.

2. You are using the Acne.org Regimen products exactly as directed. 


If you do both 1 and 2 you will have completely clear, radiant healthy looking skin. Guaranteed.


Many people are making common mistakes. Take this questionnaire to be sure you're on track just right:




Also keep in mind that many people take 3-4 months to get clear. We have received literally hundreds of success stories over the years from people who have said they are so glad they stuck it. Stay patient and you will clear up.

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I'm starting to get patches of skin that feel like tiny itchy blisters, and they're oozing? I'm thinking this is an allergic reaction? These patches of skin are really itchy 

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