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Publications of Dr Rullan on acne scars

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Here is a publication of Dr Rullan, one of the best scar specialists out there, and I thought was interesting to share.


I'm sure many of you might have already gotten acquainted with it, but maybe it will be helpful to those who haven't. It's free and it is full text, explaining in detail what Dr Rullan is doing during his treatments and why he chooses certain treatment over others. He writes that "this triple approach to treating acne scars resulted in consistently high satisfaction among patients and photographic evidence of improvements", which seems to be consistant with the reviews of the people treated by him on this site. 

He describes many interesing details about the treatments. I personally didn't know that icepicks need to be subcised too before having microneedling / lasers because they can also be tethered. 

Also an interesting read from the paper for those interested in lasers!

"Skin Types II to III can choose CO2 or erbium fractional laser; however, microneedling will always be the best option for Skin Types IV to VI. Microneedling or fractionated ablative laser treatments should not be done before subcision, as the effects would hinder visibility. Once scars change and become shallower from CROSS/subcision, erbium/CO2 can then be used effectively for boxcar and icepick scars. As soon as clinical improvement in icepick and boxcar scars are noted, microneedling can be replaced with low-fluence, short pulse fractionated Er:Yag for scars on the cheeks and temples."

I also couldn't help but notice that Dr Rullan apparently doesn't use fillers much. At least they are not part of his standard triple approach and I wonder why not. So do any of his patients here happen to know if there is a reason for that? What is Rullan's stance on fillers in general? 

It is only a case study, and as Rullan himself mentions under the limitations the good results might be due to his vast experience, are therefore operator dependent. But it is the only publication that I could find of any of the top scar doctors, presenting their treatments and their results in a paper.


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