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I have been using the regimen for over 3 years and I started breaking out again badly

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Good day

I have been using the regiment for the past 3 years. I used to have bad case of acne on my back and especially the shoulders. I would get big bulgy red inflamed pimples that would just not go away. Some days they would not be so inflamed and some days extremely inflamed. I have been battling with the back and shoulder acne basically all my life. About 4 years ago my derm put me on doxycycline which cleared my skin but my body developed resistance to it after about a year and the acne came back with a vengeance. The derm wanted to bump up the dosage bit I refused as I did not wanted to continue destroying my immune system for a temporary fix. So 3 year ago I found out about the regiment and started using it. Went trough all the usual phases (dry skin, scaling, acne getting worst in the beginning of the regiment). I stuck to it, applying BP twice a day and the AHA once a day and after 6 months my skin was cleared. I was exited as I have been trying to find a solution for my acne problem for years!! I have been following the regiment after that religiously twice a day with BP application and once a day with AHA. Around 3 months ago I wanted to test how will my body will react if I will lower the usage rate to once a day, some days I didn't applied it at all and after about 2 months of that my skin started to break out again. When I noticed that fact I started again and went back on the regiment applying it twice  day. Well, my acne came back with a vengeance and basically gotten as bad is it was before I started the regiment. Again the huge inflamed pimples as before I started to use the regiment. I would mention that for the last 2 months  I went back on the regiment and using it religiously again. The acme is not as inflamed as before and starting to come down, although my skin is far from being clear again but the inflammation gotten down and now the pimples are a big red scar (it happened before as well when I first started using the regiment and with time the scars went away, especially with the use of AHA daily). Obviously this situation is stressing my out and I want to get my clear skin back again:) 

1. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, what was your solution for it and the results?

2. Can the acne develop a resistance to the BP with time? (maybe apply 5% BP instead on the 2.5%)

3. Has anyone notices a formula change for the AHA? It used to be a lot ticker and now the last few bottles seems to me to be much more like a fluid.)

4. Any other information that you guys can share with me about this will be greatly appreciated (if you had a similar experience). 

5. This is quite frustrating because I have already achieved clean skin for years and I hope it came just because I started to use the regiment less.

6. There have not been any major change to my diet, I do not take any medication and have been taking the same supplement for years. 

7. The only change I would mention is I stared to smoke vape instead of cigarettes (not sure if that could affect it somehow, been smoking for a while)

Thank you in advance and hope you guys can share more information if you had a similar experience. 




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